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Rio Olympics wrap-up: S’pore mainstream media still disappointing, ranked 154th in world

Rio Olympics wrap-up: S’pore mainstream media still disappointing, ranked 154th in world

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Report card grade: F-


In a post-mortem report dissecting how well Team Mainstream Media Singapore did this Rio 2016 Olympics, Singaporeans from all walks of life have given them an F- grade in their report card.

The collective opinion of Singaporeans is that reporters, also referred to as keyboard athletes, have lived up to expectations of a 154th rank media in the world.

One Singaporean, Mei You Yong, said: “It was noted that none of the reporters in Singapore are Olympians. They have not participated in any major international competitive sport, but were seen to be talking smack quite a lot comparatively.”

“It must have been exhausting working out those fingers of theirs the last two weeks though. Instead of directing hard questions at politicians, they direct hard questions at sports persons.”

“Overall, it was as expected, an F- performance.”

Other locals said there is a silver lining though now that the mainstream media in Singapore is ranked so low internationally.

Qu Chi Sai, another local, said: “Singapore’s media put up a disappointing overall Olympic media campaign, including conveniently forgetting the hard work of each and every athlete and their team, who did their best to represent Singapore despite the lack of support they received in the build-up.”

“So, no one notices how badly the mainstream media performs anymore these days until they do something stupid to bring it upon themselves.”

“So the only way to go is up, I guess.”







S’pore must not win more Olympic Gold medals if not ready to announce public holidays

S’pore must not win more Olympic Gold medals if not ready to announce public holidays

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This already shows a lack of commitment.


Singaporeans from all walks of life, who believe trickle down effects are real and must be respected, are urging the government to rethink the country’s commitment to establishing a sporting nation and competing on the world stage to win more Olympic medals.

This after Singaporeans said the recent historic Olympic Gold medal win by swimming sensation Joseph Schooling was not met with the declaration of a public holiday for the republic in recognition of his achievement.

One Singaporean, Shang Xing, said: “The Olympic Gold medal win was not commensurate with a public holiday for Singaporeans.”

“If the government is not ready to announce public holidays for Singaporeans in response to winning in the Olympics, we don’t see the point in this pursuit.”

“It is hard to reconcile success with a lack of reward for the nation.”

Other locals said they can accept other terms offered, such as a S$300 cash voucher for all Singaporeans, in the event another Olympic Gold medal is won.

Gei Qian, another local, said: “However, for us to accept these terms, we need one day to think about it.”

“And this day must be a public holiday because I already have a lot on my plate and cannot make time in a normal work day to think about such things.”







WTF social media Olympics highlights

WTF social media Olympics highlights

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All the Olympics highlights you missed in the mainstream news that trended on the Internet.

First up, everyone’s favourite loser: China’s hurdler, Liu Xiang.

He crashed out of the tournament (again) when it barely started but I guess he has one reason to be satisfied:

Hmmm… wrestling. I see what you did there, you two sweaty grown men.

Riiiiight… you three sweaty grown men.

Ok, enough of crotches. How about a foot in the arse?

Still on the topic about sensitive body parts, I’m sure all of you have come across this set of unintentional porn from the Olympics:

Here’s another:

Think we’re done with body parts? How’s this for an unfortunate last name?

Or how about this one? Oh I see what happened there:

But this surely is fitting:

And just in case you cannot tell these pair of long faces apart, a helpful hint:

But sometimes not very helpful:

And then there are the moments that inspire memes:

Oh you!

Yao Ming is that you?

Lastly, sorry for the long post. Here is javelin thrower Leryn Franco from Paraguay.