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Occupy Raffles Place fail

Occupy Raffles Place fail

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The-demonstration-that-wasn’t-to-be attracted the press and police only. Plus a handful of pigeons.

By Belmont Lay

As a rule of thumb, a good protest should have people attending.

If it was meant to be a real protest, Occupy Raffles Place failed.

And if it was meant to be a prank, it succeeded. But only marginally.

What started out as a small movement by a band of supposedly impoverished protesters that turned into a wave of leaderless demonstrations across the U.S. and elsewhere in the world, has descended into nothingness and abject folly here in sunny Singapore.

The only attendees who showed up? About five members of the press, one police truck, a couple of police, a red riot truck (someone claimed to have seen it but I didn’t) and a handful of pigeons. Read the full story