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Noob reporter owned by New Nation

Noob reporter owned by New Nation

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Dumb ass.

Another day, another ownage.

Six weeks ago, New Nation put out a fake as hell piece called “Characteristics and behaviour of our 3.3 million Singaporean population“, which aimed to emulate the profound way Gilbert Goh talks about people.

Just this week, it has come to our attention that a noob reporter named Alexandra Wolfe writing for a noob publication called Vocativ, stole parts of the fake New Nation piece and used it as fact in an interview they conducted with Gilbert Goh, who they labelled as “Singapore’s Protest King“.


What is the fake part? Check it out:


The entire underlined portion is stolen from New Nation‘s fake article that is obviously fake!

And they actually quoted “Short penis?!

And the best part yet?

Vocativ claims to employ smart journalists.


Tuck Yew lah…