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S’pore lion dance troupes play piano because drums too noisy

S’pore lion dance troupes play piano because drums too noisy


They are willing to cope with string instruments as long as Singapore is not noisy.


Lion dance troupes in Singapore are putting their trademark drum sets and cymbals away, starting this Chinese New Year.

Instead of relying on loud banging and crashing sounds during performances that could potentially result in culling, many dance troupes said they are performing piano renditions of classic lion dance tunes to keep up with Singapore’s anti-noise environment.

Wu Shi, one of the leading lion dance troupe members, said he is not worried that choreographing dance moves using piano tunes will change the feel of the performance and an abandonment of tradition: “We have already seen what happens when there is too much noise in Singapore. It will result in culling and bans.”

“As we are aware that drumming could be banned forever as they can be deemed to be noisy, we have taken the first step of keeping up with the times by using pianos instead.”

Other locals said such a move should be applauded.

Cha See Lang, another local, said: “Now Singapore is peaceful and quiet. The next Singaporean to complain that it is noisy will be culled.”

At press time, concert organisers in Singapore have confirmed that all live acts performing in Singapore from this month onward will have to do so without percussion or any identifiable drum kit.