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PAP should have done better at doing better

PAP should have done better at doing better

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They could have done better if they did better at doing better.

The real reason why the PAP has failed to do better to present the Population White Paper this past week is because they should have done better at doing better, analysts say.

This has been a running theme since GE2011, where the PAP apologised and promised to do better if they continued to collect high salaries.

Sorry no cure

Sorry no cure

However, as a result of failing to do better, they have instead only “done better at doing worse”.

Self-styled political pundit, Eric de Yaya said: “Although this is still considered ‘doing better’ at something, it is actually the same as ‘doing worse at doing better’.”

Singaporeans that New Nation spoke to agree that the PAP could do more. To justify their high salaries. And for having escaped getting fired during GE2011.

Kan Na Sai, a Singaporean patriot, said: “So if the PAP can hardly ‘do better at doing better’, they should at the very least try to ‘do worse at doing worse’.”

“It’s a consolation.”