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Help this 21-year-old get into NUS!

Help this 21-year-old get into NUS!

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Poly grad denied entry into NUS Computer Science, starts personal appeal website.

By Belmont Lay

If you’ve had enough of all that doom and gloom about our MRT system going tits up even as COE prices breached the stratosphere, on top of the overwrought sex scandal involving a truckload of men that has become nothing less than a grotesque public spectacle, here’s something to lighten your mood and perhaps restore your faith in humanity before this week comes to a close.

Alvin Wang started a personal appeal website to up his chances of getting into NUS. What's your excuse again?

Here goes: A very tech-savvy 21-year-old, by the name of Alvin Wang, has started a personal online appeal page called “Help Alvin Get Into School“.

His story is fairly straightforward: Alvin graduated from Ngee Ann Polytechnic with a Diploma in Information Technology two years ago.

But the deal is, his application to pursue a degree in Computer Science at National University of Singapore was rejected.

Instead of feeling disheartened and end up peddling his story anonymously to some sad sack website or Internet forum that blames foreigners for everything, he uses his God-give initiative to start his own personal appeal page to garner support, and hence, a better shot at completing his tertiary education.

The question is: Will he stand a better chance of getting into NUS when he applies again just because of this appeal site? (As of April 20, 2012 @ 2 a.m., there are 3,000 Likes.)

Will NUS buy this sort of antics?

Hey, who knows? Even Alvin himself sounds sceptical about his chances.

But you got to love this kid for trying!

He is gunning to become a developer, is obviously in love with his craft and appears technically competent – given that his website is eye-catching, fuss-free and funky without all that jazz and overkill.

So, to all of you who are reading this, please share this story far and wide.

“Like” Alvin’s appeal website on Facebook. Spread the word so it gets around.

I’ll use whatever means I have at my disposal to get your website noticed by the Dean, ok?

This guy deserves a shot at getting into university!

Because even though jumping up and down all the time blaming everything and everyone for our lot in life might be an option or something we are getting used to, I think it is obvious that we also have the choice of proactively doing something – even if it’s just this once – to help one fellow out.

Someone, someday might just repay you that favour.