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S’poreans standing as one to support Ng Boon Gay

S’poreans standing as one to support Ng Boon Gay

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“No one should ever go through what he went through.”

Boon Gay should be gay (as in happy) about the verdict

Boon Gay should be gay (as in happy) about the verdict

Singaporeans from all walks of life, race and religion have come forward to offer their support and encouragement to Ng Boon Gay, the ex-CNB chief who was acquitted on Valentine’s Day (of all days) of all charges of sexual corruption levelled against him.

New Nation interviewed more than 700 run-of-the-mill Singaporeans on the street and found that their reaction to Boon Gay is one of sympathy, empathy and telepathy.

All said that they feel for Boon Gay because he is nothing but an innocent man who had his world turned upside down by overzealous investigators due to false allegations that he is corrupted.

President of men’s rights group, AMARE (Association of Men for Action and Reaction), Akshun Bayday, said: “If Ng Boon Gay was a woman, everybody will be crying father crying mother by now that this is a gross violation of women’s rights, putting a woman and her chastity – or lack of – on public display in court and in the newspapers.”

“But as he is nothing but a straight man, I guess we were all thinking he was fair game. And how fair is that?”

Another true-blue Singaporean who felt for Boon Gay, Wu Ku De, said: “No one should ever go through what he went through. I cannot imagine how he made it through this year’s Chinese New Year visitations from relatives.”

Moreover, many unanswered questions linger over this case, marking a low point for CPIB that carried out the investigations.

The top 5 questions Singaporeans want answered about this case are:

1. Who was the anonymous whistle-blower in this case and will he/ she be punished for this false lead?

2. Why isn’t there a timeline showing how this case went from being uncovered to being investigated?

3. What recourse does Ng Boon Gay have now that he is found to be as innocent as an Easter Bunny?

4. Were the authorities overzealous in uncovering potential corruption?

5. How much of taxpayers’ money was wasted on this case? This case is like spending a lot of money to buy Toto Quick Pick and not winning anything.

Cecilia Sue to star in Channel 8 drama

Cecilia Sue to star in Channel 8 drama

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Key prosecution witness Cecilia Sue has left the witness stand, leaving behind a trail of sleazy sexcapade stories and a larger group of horny men fantasising about getting blowjobs from an office lady in the driver’s seat.

Cecilia Sue arrived at the Subordinate Courts on Monday. By 7.15am, a queue of kaypoh people had formed outside the court. From ST PHOTOS: WONG KWAI CHOW

“I hear that I might be sued for giving false statements to the court and to CPIB, so when Mediacorp asked if I would be willing to star in their next courtroom drama called ‘Do you DIY?’, I was more then enthusiastic at the prospect of another income revenue,” Sue said. She was unwilling to disclose her full renumeration package but revealed that it was “definitely more” than scoring ten more deals with former Central Narcotics Bureau chief Ng Boon Gay.

Based loosely upon Sue’s life, the 12-episode television series features a middle aged IT saleswoman struggling to achieve her sales targets, and falls in love with a married government official (played by Tay Ping Hui) during a period of intense stress and vulnerability.

One of the key selling points of the drama are the sexts between the two protagonists in the drama. Some examples of the racy messages that will be read out by Sue in a breathless, racy voice include:

“Baby, you can upload your data via my back door ;)”

“My server is overheated and turned on. Can come help?”

“The system fan stopped blowing. How? How? How?”

“The series will be accompanied by more soft porno scenes that could not be included in the main series due to restrictions on obscenity. These will be uploaded to Xinmsn to boost the site’s flagging readership. Soon maybe we’ll overtake STOMP in terms of popularity,” said Mediacorp spokesperson Dian See Kee.

The enterprising Sue also has more plans underway to make use of her notoriety. She plans to release a tell-all memoirs next year detailing the treacherous world of IT sales, and is in the midst of co-publishing a guidebook on blowjobs with celebrity Holly Jean.

“I was not wrong in doing what I did,” maintained Sue. “All salespeople use their mouths to make a living, and so did I. I’m just a normal working woman with a family to feed. I never abused my position as a salesperson, but Ng did, in his position as CNB head. So I don’t understand why the media is all over me when they should be after him instead.

Sex-for-favours case: Top 3 Greatest Awww Shucks Moments…

Sex-for-favours case: Top 3 Greatest Awww Shucks Moments…

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…if they ever happen.

Hmmm… DIY.

“Do you DIY?”Whatsapp message sent by 36-year-old MILF, Cecilia Sue to 46-year-old Ng Boon Gay.

Well, I mean, seriously?

If this current sex-for-favours case taught everyone one thing, it is that consenting, mature, middle-aged adults suck ass at sexting. This type of flirting is as stiff as arthritic bones.

And if it taught us two things, the second would be that we cannot trust adults to tell the truth, as a lot of them are self-interested, conniving bastards. Which explains why there are more twists and turns unravelling in the plot in court than a goddamn pretzel.

And believe you me, all of us can bet our last dollar that it will go down the wire. Someone will pull something completely unexpected out of their ass that will blow our collective minds away.

So, imagine: What three finale moments will make this case truly, royally unforgettable?

Before that happens, we look forward in time and plucked out the Top 3 Greatest Awww Shucks Moments — if they do come to pass — that will rattle you to your core.

*Drum roll please…*


1. Somewhere down the line during one of the court hearings, it is revealed that Cecilia Sue’s two-year-old daughter is in fact Ng Boon Gay’s.

How people too dull to even see this coming feel:

Aww Shucks level: Ooooooooh…

2. Nearing the end of the trial, the prosecutor does an about turn. He decides to drop all charges against Ng Boon Gay.

How Ng Boon Gay feels:

Awww Shucks level: Too freaking high… after all that shit.

3. When the case comes to a close, Channel 5 runs a 15-second spot on all free-to-air TV channels announcing that this whole case was actually a fictional promotional trailer for their new season of the law-drama-comedy, The Pupil. Ng Boon Gay and Cecilia Sue are crossover stars.

How everyone feels:

Awww Shucks level: I don’t even… *Vomit milk*

*If any of these GIFs don’t load properly, it’s because you didn’t DIY enough.

Couples flock to four car parks to role-play

Couples flock to four car parks to role-play

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Lack of privacy did not deter them from exhibitionism.

The car park at Singapore General Hospital saw some action after court testimony inspired couples to savour the great outdoors.

More than 50 couples were spotted at four different car parks in the evening around Singapore yesterday.

This was following court testimony given by 36-year-old former IT sales representative, Cecilia Sue, in the on-going sex-for-favours case.

These four locations are car parks at Beaufort Hotel in Sentosa, Mount Faber, Hort Park and the Singapore General Hospital where the 46-year-old former Central Narcotics Bureau (CNB) chief, Ng Boon Gay, allegedly pressured Sue into servicing his hardware on four separate occasions between June and December 2011 in return for purchasing her software.

Couples interviewed said they were thrilled to be where the action took place and have come specially (pun intended) to feel what it was like to be in a compromising position after hearing of how Ng tried to get Sue to grate his carrot at least four times.

They also claimed they were not bothered by the presence of many other couples at the same location citing “showing solidarity” as the reason for upping their comfort level.

Others more experienced in role-playing shrugged off suggestions that they were depraved.

They cited the high cost of HDB flats as the real cause of depravity in Singapore as people obviously cannot own their own home and have a bedroom to carry out their national duty.