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S’poreans apologise to Khaw Boon Wan for causing his NEL to spoil, make him lose his way

S’poreans apologise to Khaw Boon Wan for causing his NEL to spoil, make him lose his way

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They are truly sorry for causing him so much pain and suffering as Transport Minister already.


Singaporeans from all walks of life who like to take public transport because cars are for rich people, have come out to publicly apologise to Transport Minister Khaw Boon Wan.

This after they caused the North East MRT Line to break down again this Tuesday morning during peak hour as everyone got ready for work and school at the same time at around 8am.

One Singaporean, Jin Soh Lee, said he would like to personally apologise to Khaw Boon Wan for causing him inconvenience: “I’m sorry Minister Khaw Boon Wan. I caused your MRT system to break down even before you had time to warm up your Transport Minister seat in Parliament.”

“Please forgive me and my fellow commuters for making you work harder to oversee that there is no more train faults even when all of these problems are not your fault.”

Other Singaporeans, who are even more apologetic and guilt-ridden, said they are to blame for causing Minister Khaw to take the wrong train and ending his honeymoon period in the transport ministry so abruptly.

This after he posted on the morning of the NEL breakdown that he had taken the wrong train on the Circle Line as he had many things on his mind.

Another Singaporean, Zhen Bao Qian, went beyond apologising and insisted on doing more on his part to ensure Khaw Boon Wan will never be inconvenienced again since 70 percent of people voted for this: “Therefore, as Singaporeans, we must stop taking public transport altogether so that the train will never ever break down again.”

“And Minister Khaw Boon Wan will never have any more problems on his mind causing him to take the wrong train.”

“Furthermore, if Singaporeans everywhere stopped taking the MRT, Khaw Boon Wan will have the entire train to himself when he takes it.”

“Sorry, Khaw Boon Wan.”