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S’poreans accuse NEA, ST of spreading false information

S’poreans accuse NEA, ST of spreading false information

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It did not rain on Saturday, wet weekend my arse, they say.


Singaporeans from all walks of life with varying levels of tolerance for fake news are taking the National Environment Agency and The Straits Times to task.

This after the NEA alerted Singaporeans that this weekend will be very wet and rainy and ST carried the report announcing to the world about it on Friday morning.

However, it has turned out that half the weekend has past, and it was hot and sunny on Saturday for most parts of Singapore, with nary a droplet of rain reported.

Angry Singaporeans are blaming both organisations for spreading rumours about the weather and casting aspersions on the integrity of the weather.

One angry Singapore, Mei Xia Yu, said: “I will be sending an angry email to Defence Minister Ng Eng Hen to warn him about this DRUMS.”





S’pore hits new low: From no minimum wage to no wage

S’pore hits new low: From no minimum wage to no wage

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Volunteer corp proves that only government can exploit labour for free.


To ensure that Singapore remains a clean and green city while working with as little budget as possible, the government is about to embark on the latest harebrained project.

Environment and Water Resources minister Vivian Balakrishnan said his department could enlist and train members of the public who will have the power to issue fines to litterbugs on the spot.

The volunteer corp will be given the same warrant cards as enforcement officers from the National Environment Agency.

Except got no pay, annual leave, CPF, performance bonus and medical benefits.

Singaporeans from all walks of life, who have shreds of dignity remaining, said such a scheme has broached new heights for Singapore — from below.

Mian Fei Gong, a local, said: “When private companies advertise for people to work for free, MOM confirm will whack them. But when government exploit labour for free, it is called volunteer corp.”

“Singapore from no minimum wage now become no wage, like that quite outstanding.”





S’poreans holding breath to prevent getting fined by NEA

S’poreans holding breath to prevent getting fined by NEA

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Turn off your engine when vehicle is stationary.

Photo stolen from publichouse.sg

Photo stolen from publichouse.sg

Singaporeans are trying hard not to breathe too often as it will release carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, which will float to the North Pole and cause the ice to melt and polar bears to die.

This after the National Environment Agency sent a summon to someone for failing to turn off the car engine for nine minutes while in stationary position.

This act of issuing such a fine has sent shock waves across Singapore, as people are unsure what actions will break the law.

Xi Kong Qi, a local, said: “I’ve tried to hold my breath for extended periods. And I’ve only fainted about twice so far today.”

Another Singaporean has said that the NEA summon has made him more aware of going green.

Fang Cho Pi, said while turning a bit green: “I’ve refrained from flatulence since yesterday in case NEA officer catch me and send a summon letter to my house.”