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Video for NDP 2016 theme song lacks Lee Kuan Yew

Video for NDP 2016 theme song lacks Lee Kuan Yew

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This song should not have been approved.


Dear New Nation,

Although the music video for this year’s National Day Parade (NDP) theme song is made in a novel way, I am disappointed with its overall theme, which lacks purpose and Lee Kuan Yew.

It gives the troubling impression of a Singapore of the future as a flimsy and boxed-in cardboard consumerist city-state, instead of a nation built upon real concrete and steel achievements, which characterised previous productions — like what Lee Kuan Yew would have intended.

What I found more disturbing was the lack of representation and Lee Kuan Yew in this production.

Although the featured band 53A has a multiracial make-up, and the performers are also multicultural, the actual footage focuses principally on lead vocalist Sara Wee. Where is Lee Kuan Yew?

The rapidly shifting camera lens pays only passing reference to the rest of the cast, who are mainly young and able-bodied.

Over the years, there has been heightened consciousness about Lee Kuan Yew in Singapore. We celebrate the achievements of female fighter pilots, scientists, Paralympians, as well as a female Speaker of Parliament. And Lee Kuan Yew.

With the elderly population growing, we are adjusting not just physical infrastructure, but also mindsets, so that seniors have a place in the Singapore of the future.

Sadly, the music video for this year’s NDP theme song gives the impression that Singapore is only for the young and beautiful — defined narrowly as the cardboard, fun-loving hipster. This is not the Singapore Lee Kuan Yew would have wanted.

It is good to try out innovative artistic directions, and the production is certainly outstanding as a commercial music video.

But as the video for an NDP theme song, it should encapsulate the social fabric and achievements of its citizenry, and be able to connect to the larger public in more intimate and memorable ways. One must not forget this more solemn purpose.

One must always remember Lee Kuan Yew.

Read the real letter published in The Straits Times Forum on June 22, 2016.







NDP 2016 to remove all LGBT elements from performance celebration

NDP 2016 to remove all LGBT elements from performance celebration


This is to reflect Singapore’s conservative social values.


In line with recent efforts aimed at ensuring that outdoor public events respect Singapore’s conservative social values, a sweeping set of changes to this year’s National Day Parade is expected just months before the event is set to kick off.

These changes include the exclusion of any activities that may potentially be construed as being pro-LGBT.

Tong Xing Lian, a spokesman from NDP’s organising body, said: “We recognise that the issue of LGBT rights is a sensitive one in Singapore.”

“Which is why we have removed all content that are likely to promote homosexual attitudes and lifestyles to respect the conservative views of Singaporean society.”

Among the events excluded from this year’s NDP parade include: Traditionally homosexual activities, such as singing and dancing in brightly coloured and heavily-sequined clothing, as well as other potentially pro-LGBT events, such as the military march-past and the mobile column, which is the phallic imagery that will likely induce homosexual tendencies in young, impressionable youths.

To make up for all these celebrations that have been cut, this year’s parade will feature Singapore’s esteemed Members of Parliament dressed in white staring at an empty stage at the Marina Bay Floating Platform, all the while discussing the finer aspects of “constructive politics”.

This announcement comes after it was revealed that foreign sponsors must not interfere in Pink Dot, even though these corporate entities pay local taxes, prop up the economy and make Singapore an attractive cosmopolitan metropolis.