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Next chapter of S’pore story to be delayed indefinitely

Next chapter of S’pore story to be delayed indefinitely

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Singaporeans facing awkward time writing next chapter demanded by PM Lee because squabbles erupt over plot.

What appears to be a simple task of advancing the plot of the Singapore story is running into problems so big it is likely the entire project is about to get derailed.

“Help to write the next chapter together as Singaporeans” was one of the themes put forth by Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong during his National Day Rally speech last night to galvanise the people, and hopefully, usurp the role of story-writing from his father, who is an author of many books about Singapore and himself.

But things are already going pear-shaped before writing the next chapter proper.

Chief among the problems facing Singaporeans is deciding exactly who should be named successor to the prime ministry.

One anonymous source said: “There is a major rift going on at the moment among many people as to whether Chen Show Mao or Low Thia Khiang should be future PM.”

But this is just the tip of the iceberg. Other problems are more technical.

For example, one segment of Singaporeans feel that the government should not hand out cash packages and rebates amounting to a few hundred dollars each time every year to redistribute wealth generated from the economy.

This practice is seen to be unhealthy.

As it should be done every fortnight instead.

Other suggestions that have been taken into consideration include doing away with The Great Singapore Sale entirely.

The GSS is known to make people spendthrifts and foster a crutch mentality on cheap goods and services.

Hence, it is wiser to replace The GSS with a permanent sale all year round. That way, the crutch is removed entirely because people will no longer become dependent on it a few weeks a year as prices are brought down absolutely throughout the year.

But not all Singaporeans are at odds as to what to include.

They have been unanimous in their take that the new chapter of Singapore will kick off by declaring every Friday to be a public holiday.

However, a few Singaporeans have come forward to say that their imagination and creativity have not been valued as their ideas got thrashed easily.

You Chuan Yi, a 30-year-old comic book enthusiast, said: “I was hoping to incorporate one scene in the chapter where the Merlion comes to life and destroys the CBD, but that was vetoed.”

“Apparently, some other bright sparks have it in their heads that any sort of implosion shall be caused by Satan appearing simultaneously at Resorts World and Marina Bay Sands.”

“How cliched.”

National Day Rally bound to invite sharp criticisms

National Day Rally bound to invite sharp criticisms

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Haters are going to hate, regardless of what PM Lee talks about.

With several hours left to this year’s National Day Rally where Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong is expected to address the nation and soothe their frayed nerves regarding pricey housing and the never ending stream of foreigners, naysayers are sharpening their claws and baring their fangs in anticipation as they prepare to rip him a new one.


Basically, because there are two broad categories of National Day Rally viewers: 1) The haters and 2) people who only care about their own narrow interests.

The main similarity between these two groups? Both sides would be watching with eyes peeled and come out feeling indignant that Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong did not adequately address their concerns or at all and all he does is rehash the same old lines since time immemorial.

And it is an accusation the prime minister can never avoid.

Self-styled political pundit, Eric de Yaya, said that a leadership style that employs communication in this day and age is setting itself up for failure.

He said: “Not many people except astute political scientists like me will notice this, but the Prime Minister cannot address everyone’s concerns in his speech.”

He continued: “You know why? Because there is not enough time.”

And this is backed up by evidence.

One regular National Day Rally viewer said she does not want to to diss the rally but have to because she is certain the prime minister this year will fail to address her concerns.

Like how all previous prime ministers have failed to do so for as long as she remembers owning a television and being able to tune in to Channel 5.

Seow Char Bor, a 30-year-old woman who also claims she is Tyra Banks, said: “I’ve schizophrenia but I was from the gifted programme. I rear chickens in my flat. I also have kleptomania and I work the graveyard shift. Oh yes, since my husband left me, I’ve become a lesbian. Therefore, the odds that the prime minister will address any one of my concerns as a Singaporean with unique issues, is zero.”

In fact, this lady can fall into a whole new category of her own.