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Sticker Lady nabbed, Singapore averts disaster

Sticker Lady nabbed, Singapore averts disaster

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Illegal pasting of stickers at pedestrian crossings could have led to social unrests.

At Maxwell Road earlier this year.

A 25-year-old woman, dubbed as the “Sticker Lady”, has been arrested for creating street art.

Her offence? Pasting stickers with local sayings such as “Anyhow paste kena fine” and “No need to press so many times” at various pedestrian crossings and spray-painting “My Grandfather Road” on the ground owned by the government.

Outside Red Dot Museum within Tanjong Pagar GRC area.

A source familiar with the case and who would only speak on the condition of anonymity, said spray-painting the words “My Grandfather Road” on the streets is a serious offence as it is tantamount to provoking a citizen-led revolution.

The anonymous source said: “People cannot claim ownership of anything in Singapore. Once you awaken that sentiment, Singaporeans might take the next step and demand ownership of HDB flats on a freehold basis.”

Moreover, one of the major reasons the stickers cannot be condoned is because there is a possibility they might cause Singaporeans to imagine they have a sense of humour.

Annie Hou Seh, a student, said: “If Singaporeans appear to have loosened up, they might vote Towards A First World Parliament.”

But this will only be the start of Singapore’s problems.

As the stickers and spray-paint are not bilingual, their presence will cause mainland Chinese who have just moved into Singapore to feel ostracised.

And they might get angry and start shouting even louder.

“The vandal could have gotten away with it if she spray-painted and pasted stickers in English and Mandarin,” said 21-year-old new citizen, Shuo Hua Wen.

This explains why there is a need to impose a serious penalty. If found guilty, the woman can face a maximum $2,000 fine or three years in jail.

However, she will be spared caning as she does not have scrotum.

With such tough sentences, Singaporeans are reminded that there are other things to do that warrant a lighter sentence.

“For example, if you abuse your maid or if she falls out the window, the sentence will still be lighter,” a prominent criminal lawyer, Subananananananana said.

In case you're wondering, who the real Grandfather is...