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Pritam Singh responds

Pritam Singh responds

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Plus, read PAP Nee Soon GRC MP’s Muhammad Faishal Ibrahim’s cheap shot and SMU Eugene Tan’s pointless punditry.

Here is what you should know:

Workers’ Party’s MP Pritam Singh gets quoted saying things that are uncharacteristic of him in a Lianhe Zaobao article by Yew Lun Tian on Jan. 1.

Pritam is read to have reportedly said that relieving and helping Singaporeans of difficulties and hardship is the job of the government, not the MPs to bear and that the opposition’s role is to raise questions in parliament.

This caused a bit of grief.

Without bothering to get to the bottom of things, a couple of people conveniently chose to get ahead with their cheap shots and political punditry.

Guilty: PAP Nee Soon GRC MP’s Muhammad Faishal Ibrahim

What he said on Facebook:

Guilty: SMU Assistant Professor Eugene Tan

What he said to mypaper a.k.a. mainstream trolling: “Political observer Eugene Tan feels that many Aljunied voters will be disappointed by Mr Singh’s comments… He noted that if as Mr Singh says, helping the poor is the responsibility of the Government, then Mr Singh would not need to meet his residents, as he could well put up a notice outside his office asking them to directly approach the Community Development Council. Assistant Prof Tan said when residents approach opposition MPs for help, these MPs should not “conveniently” push the responsibility to the Government.”

What Pritam really meant?

The gist of what Pritam had to say to Lianhe Zaobao can be summarised as such: Politics goes out the window the moment you want to help the needy. The Community Development Council, which is set up to help those who need assistance, will always be there regardless which party people vote into parliament.

Moreover, regardless who the vote goes to, the government’s responsibility is to take care of the people and the Workers’ Party is not going to spend its resources COMPETING AGAINST EXISTING outlets that offer help. They are here to HELP through existing means, even directing people to CDCs, not win votes through their Meet-the-People sessions.

The article also notes in a quote by Sylvia Lim that suggests there is no need to duplicate efforts when the Workers’ Party has established effective working relationships with various government agencies.

Here’s the real problem: Perhaps the problem stems from the original Lianhe Zaobao article being written and edited badly or purposefully to cause misunderstanding. (However, don’t give us the crap that Pritam is translated and misinterpreted. It’s not as if Lianhe Zaobao uses Google Translate to write articles!)

But the real problem is when Muhammad Faishal Ibrahim and Eugene Tan can weigh in with their sophistry without getting to the bottom of things first or waiting for Pritam to issue a proper response!

Scumbag much?

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