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Highly religious S’poreans didn’t condemn Power Rangers movie with gay Yellow Ranger

Highly religious S’poreans didn’t condemn Power Rangers movie with gay Yellow Ranger

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Not one.


No highly religious person in Singapore has come out to publicly denounce the new Power Rangers movie out on March 23, 2017.

This point was noted by Singaporeans from all walks of life, who like to observe when do highly religious people who like to dabble in other people’s business come out to make claims.

One Singaporean, Boh Pa Keh, said: “It is nice to see the highly religious Singaporeans not reacting to the Power Rangers movie with a gay Yellow Ranger, despite being all about wholesome family values.”

“Almost seems like they are withholding judgement, but in reality we know they just have highly fluid standards having condemned Beauty And The Beast movie previously for portraying a gay character.”

This point was confirmed by one highly religious Singaporean.

One highly religious Singaporean, Qu Jiao Tang, said: “As long as we can pick and choose what to condemn, this will give us the moral high ground and continue to ride along on our moral high horse.”

“Our inconsistency will make it so easy for right-minded people to fault us that they wouldn’t even bother to do so over time.”

“Very Trumpian. Good.”







Ris Low’s new movie, Justice Devil, an Oscar contender

Ris Low’s new movie, Justice Devil, an Oscar contender

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Step aside, Ilo Ilo, this movie is going to go far.

Critics are going boomz over the latest local movie offering starring the infallible Ris Low.

In the movie, the 28-year-old former Miss Singapore World plays an emotionally fragile foreign domestic helper torn between serving her duties holding her Singapore family together on Sundays and going out to meet her foreign worker boyfriend, Terry.

Check out the movie’s trailer:

Kan Dian Ying, a movie reviewer, said the movie is on par with The English Patient and Argo because it has Oscar written all over it: “This movie is pure Oscar material.”

“Oscar The Grouch, that is.”

Check out some of the movie’s most memorable scenes:

In this scene, Ris Low is popularising a dance routine known as “popping”:

Showing her acting chops, Ris takes her thespian sensibilities to the extreme by portraying someone who is having a mosquito bite scratched:

There’s even a great scene of her trying to do push ups:

How do we know Singapore’s film censors are not perverts?

How do we know Singapore’s film censors are not perverts?

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Media Development Authority needs to clarify why they are not perverts to re-instate public’s good faith in them.

The critically-acclaimed British movie Shame, which is about sex addiction and released last year to rave reviews, will not be screening in Singapore.

This is because the Media Development Authority’s Board of Film Censors gave it a R21 rating and wanted to cut a group sex scene, but the movie’s director refused as he didn’t want any alterations to be made to his work just so it can please the sensibilities of a bunch of red-tape bureaucrats.

Despite an appeal, MDA made it clear it will not let the movie pass without a cut.

So, distribution plans for the movie here have since been canned.

Apparently, the censors, who wield sharp scissors, refused to let the public-at-large watch a “prolonged and explicit threesome sex sequence” after they themselves watched it.

How hypocritical.

In a statement, an unnamed (and red-faced) MDA spokesman said: “After consulting the Films Consultative Panel on the film Shame, we are of the view that the prolonged and explicit threesome sex sequence has exceeded our classification guidelines.”

That means, in technocratic speak, not only did the censorship board watch the sexually explicit footage together in the confines of their cosy viewing room, (while eating popcorn, perhaps), they sat around later fantasising, I mean erm… talking about it, such as its pros and cons.

As if any further clarifications might help, the anonymous MDA spokesman also said that “for titles that may be controversial, MDA will consult the Films Consultative Panel, which comprises members from various professions, age groups and races in Singapore, to seek community views prior to making a decision.”

This means that people of certain privilege will get to watch censored material before everyone else does.

And this is the part that is troubling.

Pray, tell: How do we, the public-at-large, know for a fact and with certainty that none of the people inside the Films Consultative Panel are in fact perverts?

How do we know for sure they didn’t manoeuvre their way to get into the Panel just so that they can watch sexually explicit movies (without paying) that will leave most moist or swollen?

Recently, a lot of men of high standing were figuratively caught with their pants down for patronising a prostitute.

And no one thunk this sort of thing could have happened.

So how do we remain convinced there are no perverts residing in the MDA’s midst?