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Love of photography draws middle-aged men to Miss Chinatown pageant

Love of photography draws middle-aged men to Miss Chinatown pageant

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They celebrate the human physique through high-res zoom photography.

The Miss Chinatown pageant was won by Stella Kae, 23,an NTU student (centre). Men with zoom cameras show their enthusiasm for photography at the event.

They arrived at Chinatown Point on Dec. 23 to mesh their love for high-res zoom photography and the human physique.

And they waited patiently, biding their time, anticipating.

Pictured above, are the many enthusiasts who go to pageants to combine their two passions into a single moment of photography.

It is the finals of the 2012 Miss Chinatown pageant, and a majority of these middle-aged men have come with their Canon cameras with long zoom lens.

These are preferred because they have extra zoom, which is good for exploring the human physique, according to seasoned photographers interviewed.

The rest, relatively younger and more wet behind the ears, showed their restlessness as they made do with their iPhones or smartphones of varying capabilities.

And blamed themselves for not being more prepared.

“We keep abreast of the latest events through our forum for photographers,” enthused one seasoned photographer, who also confessed to not having had a girlfriend before.

Almost all of the photographers arrived about three hours before the event to set up their tripods, which when erected, are long and sturdy after a few tugs to loosen the third leg towards the ground.

To prepare themselves for the shoot, they would imagine aiming their equipment at the ladies, and set off a flurry of shots that test the dexterity of their fingers.

Or take every opportunity to thrust their equipment into the path of any female who shows up, and an orgasm of flashes go off in rapid succession, shooting whiteness throughout the venue in all directions.

One of the photographers, with mysterious stains on his pants, said: “Go away, don’t interview me.”

And this was what he was waiting for.

All photos, except the first one, are stolen from Miss Singapore Chinatown Pageant Facebook.