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S’poreans to curb ‘lottery effect’ of becoming Minister

S’poreans to curb ‘lottery effect’ of becoming Minister

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Getting paid millions of dollars because they got lucky is not right.


Singaporeans from all walks of life, who believe in taking interventionist action because they cannot sit idly by to let the market self-correct, are going to band together to curb the “lottery effect” of becoming a Cabinet Minister in Parliament.

This after they read that the government plans to curb the “lottery effect” of those who successfully ballot and purchase a HDB flat in a prized downtown location and look to sell their unit when the value appreciates substantially in a few years’ time and pocketing the hefty profit made from the sale.

One Singaporean, Cheng Hu Chu, said: “Since the government likes to intervene in the market instead of letting supply and demand sort things out, we as Singaporean citizens need to intervene to prevent the ‘lottery effect’ from taking place at the ministerial level as well.”

“When the next person becomes a Minister, we need to effect changes to the pay scale to ensure they do not get paid millions a year, or else the ‘lottery effect’ will also take root.”

“This can only lead to heightened expectations and upward pressures for salaries to get higher in the future.”

Other locals said any intervention to prevent Ministers from pocketing millions is the right way to go.

Another local, Jin Heng, said: “In the same way HDB flats are being subsidised by taxpayers’ money and thus should not be used for profiteering purposes, ministerial salaries are also funded by taxpayers, and hence, should not be used to handsomely reward public servants of the state who got lucky in the system.”

“It is funny how logic can be applied to ordinary average Singaporeans, but the regime cannot look inwards and apply it to themselves too.”

“Four legs good, two legs better.”

“Really gives new meaning to first among equals.”







Some PAP ministers still secretly harbouring fantasies about being picked as next PM

Some PAP ministers still secretly harbouring fantasies about being picked as next PM

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They want to do that Oscars ceremony thing where they can act surprised at winning.


As speculation continues to proliferate in the media about who will be the next chief of Singapore, several PAP ministers have admitted it has always been a fantasy of theirs to be the prime minister even though they are hardly qualified.

One of the ministers who did not want to give his name, said: “Every time I hear PM Lee talk about succession plans and how the next prime minister might already be in parliament now, I secretly fantasise that he is talking about me and will be unveiling me as his protege to everyone’s surprise and chagrin when the time comes.”

“Like ‘Hey, I was here all along and you guys snubbed me because you thought I’d have amounted to nothing’.”

Another minister, who also didn’t want to reveal his full name, said he fantasises about how he would pick up a call one day from Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong, who would inform him he is the top choice: “I know it is down to Ng Chee Meng and Chan Chun Sing. But one can hope against all hope it could be me.”

“That is one of my fantasies.”

“I imagine it like what you see during the Oscar ceremony where they are announcing the Best Actor and everyone is being cool and composed before the winner’s name is read and when you don’t get chosen you still have to keep a straight face.”

However, Singaporeans by-and-large said it is not hard to foretell who will be the next prime minister.

One local, Tng Lang, said: “By default, if you’re Chinese and you’re a man, you stand a better chance already.”

“But deep in our hearts, regardless of who PM Lee picks, Tharman Shanmugaratnam will always be our prime minister.”






Regular salary increases is one way to finance S’poreans’ cost of living, said no minister ever

Regular salary increases is one way to finance S’poreans’ cost of living, said no minister ever

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The government will provide in the name of public-spiritedness and keep costs low, said no minister ever as well.


To help Singaporeans combat the ever-increasing cost of living, their salaries must be adjusted upwards by increasing it to a level that beats inflation, said no minister in Singapore ever.

This after Transport Minister Lui Tuck Yew told Parliament on July 7, 2014, that having regular fare increases is one way to ensure the financial sustainability of the new bus contracting model.

One Singaporean, Mei You Qian, said: “I like how everything, even public goods and services, can be fixed with more money forked out by Singaporeans.”

“And it’s great the operating costs are always taken into consideration.”

“Except the F1 every year. The public foots the bill when only a select minority group gets to enjoy it and there is no talk about paying the public back for expenses incurred.”

“That’s great.”