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50-year-old woman to trek 250km as birthday present

50-year-old woman to trek 250km as birthday present

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Marathon runners eat your heart out. In this edition of Cooler than You, we find an endorphin addict who’s running across the Himalayas for fun and for charity.

A visual guesstimation of Mika's stature: Lolface is 170cm tall.

“I like pain”, the sweet woman said with a tiny grin on her face.

Ah, don’t we all…

But while the rest of us mortals stay content with the whip-and-handcuff variety, she takes self inflicted, enjoyable pain to a whole new level.

Mika Kume, a pint sized accountant hailing from Japan, has just turned 50. Not content with the usual loud party with a hundred-strong guest list, she decided that running 250km in Nepal would be a more memorable birthday bash.

And it’s not just any old 250km. Come Nov. 20, Mika will be on her way up the Himalayas for a week, braving altitude sickness and zero degree temperatures. The race has a total elevation gain of 9,000m and she will be fighting 1,500m of gravity every single day.

But of course she’s not running the full distance. That would be insane….. for a triathlon champion with an existing calf injury. So she’ll be trekking instead; 40km each day – against doctor’s orders.

In any case, it’s not as if she’s any stranger to extreme endurance sports. Marathon runners eat your heart out – aside from her usual doses of triathlons and ultramarathons, Mika completed the 2009 Sahara Desert Race ( also 250km), and was the 2nd woman to cross the finishing line.

Endorphin addiction notwithstanding,┬áMika will be using this race as an opportunity to raise money for the victims of the March quake in her native Japan. She’s pledged 1,500 pounds, to be raised on this website.

NewNation.sg‘s not getting a cut of the donations that she’s pledged. We’re only doing this because she’s insane and cool beyond belief.

Cooler than you.

Follow her progress in the official event site here.

Donate to help victims of the Japanese quake here.