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Mexico goalkeeper found to be reincarnation of god

Mexico goalkeeper found to be reincarnation of god

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And we has pictures

It is not everyday that Mexico goalkeeper Guillermo Ochoa faces off Brazil in the World cup.

But when he does, you can be sure that Brazil will not win.

Or at the very least be pushed to a draw. Which is exactly what he did when he performed seven saves in moments that can only be described as miraculous.

“Isn’t it obvious? Ochoa is a reincarnation of god,” said part time football pundit Eric de Yaya.

Other World Cup fans were less certain about the god link.

“Ochoa is probably a reincarnation of Paul the Octopus,” said EPL fan and temporary Mexico supporter Tat Koh Yak Yi. “Paul got so much good karma after lifting poor families out of poverty from their football winnings. That’s why he became human in this life.”

Here’s 7 of the best images of Ochoa in god mode, courtesy of the internet.

#1 Ochoa can be in many places at once

#2 Ochoa is like the thousand-hand Buddha

#3 Ochoa is Superman

#4 Ochoa is like an angmoh Lao Tze 

#5 Ochoa is Jesus

#6 Ochoa can fly

#7 Ochoa is the One

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