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New Nation providing free memes

New Nation providing free memes

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Why say what you want to say using only words? Try memes instead!

From now on, New Nation is helping everyone speak the language of memes.

We are providing free memes you can circulate around freely through Facebook or Twitter by adding your own text to the meme using Photoshop or online meme generators.

Here is today’s free meme:

This is called the “Good story, bro!” meme.

Alternative captions include: “Ladies! I can unlock your virginity!” or “Ladies! Hold back those orgasms!”

These memes will be completely free of any watermark so use them generously. Don’t even feel obliged to link back to New Nation or drop a note to say “Thank you!”

You are free to steal it and use it as creatively as you like.


Just some Grace Fu memes…

Just some Grace Fu memes…

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…going viral.





And for the last time, can somebody please explain why is Horatio Caine going to wear two pairs of sunglasses in the meme???