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Media Literacy Council to educate S’poreans that porn is not real

Media Literacy Council to educate S’poreans that porn is not real

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This task is much easier to accomplish than teaching people how to read the news.

If porn is not real, then why do some of them have Facebook accounts with real personas?

The Media Literacy Council, which was established quite recently with lofty aims such as educating Singaporeans about cyber literacy, truth and fiction and what not, has changed tack.

Its initial aim to teach Singaporeans about how to read the news and only trust the Government was met with widespread ridicule and jeers.

Therefore, it is now focusing on teaching Singaporeans that porn found on the Internet is not real, a task that actually does not take much effort but they still want to carry out because they need to claim credit for something.

A MLC spokesperson who wants to remain anonymous because he has been jeered quite often already, explained that dismissing porn as fake is much easier to do than try to set the record straight with online news from blogs and websites, which many times, do contain larger grains of truths.

He said: “Porn, unlike political news about Singapore, contains a much smaller grain of truth. So it is easier to do a bit of hand-waving to dismiss its depictions as inaccurate.”

However, the MLC has met with a massive stumbling block with the recent porn blog saga started by Alvin Tan, an NUS law student and Malaysian, who showed that porn stars do have real identities on Facebook with real personas.

The same MLC spokeperson said: “We might have to change tack again. We might want to dismiss anything that comes out of Malaysia. Except its petrol.”