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S’poreans react to MDA taking credit for success of local movie 7 Letters

S’poreans react to MDA taking credit for success of local movie 7 Letters

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Three thoughts that must have went past your mind at some point.


The Media Development Authority of Singapore has been praised for sponsoring the making of local movie 7 Letters.

The rationale is that the MDA is brave because it was willing to invest in a movie that combines “seven slightly subversive movies that could have veered off the official national narrative”.

This showed that the public service is not so risk-averse after all.

Here are three thoughts Singaporeans have:


sian-half-auntie “If MDA would openly claim credit for creating stupid regulations and that music video of theirs, that would be great.”
Zho Hee Seow, 41-year-old popcorn seller


sian-half-uncle “Just when you thought working in a government agency couldn’t get any more risky, they approve making a slightly subversive movie to show you they mean business.”
Kwa Hee Gong, 62-year-old movie reviewer


happy-bird-girl “MDA has really overstepped the boundaries this time as all credit should go back to Lee Kuan Yew.”
Qiang Jin Tou, 16-year-old reality show contestant










S’poreans agree with MDA: Totally effective to publicly declare SDP’s political YouTube video is prohibited

S’poreans agree with MDA: Totally effective to publicly declare SDP’s political YouTube video is prohibited

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This will totally stop people from clicking on it.


Singaporeans from all walks of life, who can access videos of any kind via the Internet with a click of the mouse, have come out to to agree fully with the Media Development Authority.

This after the MDA ruled on Aug. 17, 2015, that an irreverent 76-second video by the Singapore Democratic Party (SDP), titled “Pappy Washing Powder”, is a party political film, which is prohibited under the Films Act.

One Singaporean, Zhen Tian Zhen, said she agrees with MDA’s declaration and their announcement will stop others from viewing SDP’s video: “It is totally effective for MDA to come out to tell Singaporeans not to watch this particular video by the SDP.”

Other Singaporeans said the MDA’s method of prohibition is state-of-the-art as it will make Singaporeans comply by not clicking on the “Pappy Washing Powder” video that is available here, here and here.

Another Singaporean, Bu Yao An, said: “Please do not click on this link here that has the ‘Pappy Washing Powder‘ video, because the MDA said it is prohibited.

“So if you see an embedded video like the one below, do not click on it, okay?”


Please be reminded not to watch SDP’s “Pappy Washing Powder” video here:

And do not click here too:






S’poreans sign petition to close down the Media Development Authority of S’pore

S’poreans sign petition to close down the Media Development Authority of S’pore

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This after they find MDA useless as they rejected petition by Singaporeans to close down STOMP.


Singaporeans from all walks of life, who enjoy being galvanised around a cause, have started a new online petition.

The new petition is to call for the Media Development Authority to be closed down for good.

This after a petition last week to close down voyeurism site STOMP collected more than 22,000 signatures, but the MDA said they were helpless in acting on behalf of Singaporeans.

One local, Mei You Yong, said: “So if the MDA cannot act on the citizens’ behalf to take action, then what use is it good for? Whole day only can sit around and make recommendations.”

“This kind of job quite easy to do. Give suggestions only. No need to act on them. I also want.”

However, another Singaporean said closing down MDA might not be good for everyone.

Jiak Liao Bee, another local, said: “I think having MDA around is good. It is a good reminder that these are the people I should never aspire to become in this life.”

“If I ever did, I should commit suicide.”

S’poreans blame MDA’s lax censorship for kidnapping, spate of murders in S’pore

S’poreans blame MDA’s lax censorship for kidnapping, spate of murders in S’pore

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The moral police has allowed negative influences to penetrate Singapore, that’s why so many bad things have happened.


Singaporeans from all walks of life who are easily persuaded, are pointing their blaming fingers at the Media Development Authority of Singapore.

This after Singaporeans are convinced that MDA is to blame for a spate of high profile murders and the kidnapping that recently occurred.

One Singaporean, Hoh Lee Wu, said: “MDA is clearly to blame because they did not practise censorship well enough to protect Singapore’s moral fibre from corrupting influences, like Hollywood, which results in so many crimes and deaths to happen.”

“If only MDA can censor the right things, none of these bad things would have happened.”

Other Singaporeans feel that MDA should step up to the plate, take responsibility and admit their error by owning up to their failures and mistakes.

Mei Chu Xi, another local, said: “MDA caused evil and immoral behaviour to perpetuate through society.”

“They are obviously not censoring enough and have failed this country.”

MDA backpedals, succumbs to public backlash

MDA backpedals, succumbs to public backlash

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But indirectly admits licensing is to clamp down on Yahoo! News



The Media Development Authority of Singapore (whose acronym can also mean Murder Decimate Arserape) has succumbed to public pressure.

After two days of brutal sanctions levelled against staff identifiable as working for the MDA, some backpedalling is in order.

They have come out to say that blogs are not affected by the $50,000 licensing ransom scheme, as the target are news sites that publish online.

This has only confirmed suspicions that this licensing scheme is targeted at shutting down Yahoo! News, which carried plenty of articles that have made the authorities feel a lot of butthurt ever since GE2011.

In a half-assed Facebook statement written by some anonymous poster on MDA’s Facebook page, it is said:

“1. The licensing framework only applies to sites that focus on reporting Singapore news and are notified by MDA that they meet the licensing criteria. An individual publishing views on current affairs and trends on his/her personal website or blog does not amount to news reporting.”

Self-styled political pundit, Eric de Yaya, reiterated MDA’s statement: “Basically, in English, this statement can be read as, ‘We are relieving ourselves on Yahoo! News because they are too ahead of their time and they report on news that give the government butthurt. So they need to be clamped down.'”

However, not all Singaporeans agree with this reading.

One Singaporean, Seow Ji Ji, said: “I think, in English, MDA staff just admitted they have small penises.”

MDA staff suffering massive backlash in offline world

MDA staff suffering massive backlash in offline world


Eateries, barbers among thousands who refuse to serve anyone identifiable as MDA staff.



Staff from the Media Development Authority (whose acronym can also mean Murder Decimate Arserape) are having a bad time.

This after they revealed on Monday that a highly unpopular and unjust licensing scheme requiring websites to submit to a $50,000 ransom will come into effect in a week’s time.

Members of the public and businesses are now taking the fight to MDA to show that they are against this scheme — by refusing to serve them or do their business.

Thousands of barbers, pubs, restaurants and plenty of other otherwise homely and customer-friendly businesses are already taking matters into their own hands.

They have signed a pledge to stop serving anyone identifiable as a working staff from MDA.

This is seen as showing solidarity with the online world, where more and more people are spending more and more of their lives there and feeling a greater bond with.

One MDA personnel was seen walking around a shopping mall in the west this evening with half his hair cut completed.

The salon staff who was trimming his mane told New Nation: “The moment I saw his lanyard pass, I stopped cutting. That would mark him out as an outcast. Others can now easily identify him and avoid him like a leper.”

And this is only one of a few hundred incidents today.

Another MDA staff was seen begging the taxi driver to accept his business outside MDA’s premises at Fusionpolis Way.

The cab driver sped off while jeering at him.

A guy who happened to walk by with his Doberman, unleashed it.

The teeth marks will also make the MDA staff more recognisable.

MDA required to obtain $5 million license from New Nation

MDA required to obtain $5 million license from New Nation


Before it can operate as an authority in Singapore.

Five million peanuts... erm I mean Sing dollars. [Pic stolen from talkingcock.com]

Five million peanuts… erm I mean Sing dollars. [Pic stolen from talkingcock.com]

The Media Development Authority (whose acronym can also mean Murder Decimate Arserape) has fallen under the new rules set out by New Nation, which requires it to obtain a license by putting up a $5 million bond.

New Nation said that when MDA is granted a licence, they will have to think twice before making any public statements or will be forced to retract “prohibited content”.

This is in line with Singapore’s standing as a Second World Nation and also to prevent MDA from committing another faux pas.

A spokesperson for New Nation‘s regulatory dominion said: “MDA is determined to have flouted the rules the moment they put out another rap video, for example.”

The $5 million license can be revoked and the bond forfeited.

MDA personnel might also be quartered and broken at the wheel.

The New Nation spokesperson also said licensing is justified given MDA’s reputation: “This measure can be viewed as being similar to preventing flatulence in public, which causes olfactory and auditory discomfort.”

How do we know Singapore’s film censors are not perverts?

How do we know Singapore’s film censors are not perverts?

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Media Development Authority needs to clarify why they are not perverts to re-instate public’s good faith in them.

The critically-acclaimed British movie Shame, which is about sex addiction and released last year to rave reviews, will not be screening in Singapore.

This is because the Media Development Authority’s Board of Film Censors gave it a R21 rating and wanted to cut a group sex scene, but the movie’s director refused as he didn’t want any alterations to be made to his work just so it can please the sensibilities of a bunch of red-tape bureaucrats.

Despite an appeal, MDA made it clear it will not let the movie pass without a cut.

So, distribution plans for the movie here have since been canned.

Apparently, the censors, who wield sharp scissors, refused to let the public-at-large watch a “prolonged and explicit threesome sex sequence” after they themselves watched it.

How hypocritical.

In a statement, an unnamed (and red-faced) MDA spokesman said: “After consulting the Films Consultative Panel on the film Shame, we are of the view that the prolonged and explicit threesome sex sequence has exceeded our classification guidelines.”

That means, in technocratic speak, not only did the censorship board watch the sexually explicit footage together in the confines of their cosy viewing room, (while eating popcorn, perhaps), they sat around later fantasising, I mean erm… talking about it, such as its pros and cons.

As if any further clarifications might help, the anonymous MDA spokesman also said that “for titles that may be controversial, MDA will consult the Films Consultative Panel, which comprises members from various professions, age groups and races in Singapore, to seek community views prior to making a decision.”

This means that people of certain privilege will get to watch censored material before everyone else does.

And this is the part that is troubling.

Pray, tell: How do we, the public-at-large, know for a fact and with certainty that none of the people inside the Films Consultative Panel are in fact perverts?

How do we know for sure they didn’t manoeuvre their way to get into the Panel just so that they can watch sexually explicit movies (without paying) that will leave most moist or swollen?

Recently, a lot of men of high standing were figuratively caught with their pants down for patronising a prostitute.

And no one thunk this sort of thing could have happened.

So how do we remain convinced there are no perverts residing in the MDA’s midst?