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Millions of S’poreans use #MeToo as they have been f$%#ed by govt before

Millions of S’poreans use #MeToo as they have been f$%#ed by govt before

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They are showing one another solidarity.


Millions of Singaporeans from all walks of life, who know what it is like to have experienced unwanted advances, are voicing out.

This after scores of Singaporeans used the #MeToo hashtag on social media to indicate that they have experienced sexual assault, because a lot of them have been f$%#ed over by the government before.

One Singaporean, Teo Gan, said: “I don’t need sex as the government f$%#s me everyday.”

“If you have not been f$%#ed by the government in Singapore before, you are not a real Singaporean.”

“You are also most likely the one doing all the f$%#ing.”

However, other locals said the #MeToo hashtag might be a little too late.

Another local, Zuo Ai, said: “Being f$%#ed by the government is quite normal in Singapore already. Using the #MeToo hashtag might just embolden the government to f$%# with Singaporeans even more since it is obviously such a unceasing, common occurrence.”

“Instead of indicating that the power dynamics have shifted from the perpetrators to the victim, it is now the victims who signal there is not much to be done as they prepare to be f$%#ed all over again.”

“And as long as you voted PAP in the last few general elections, you don’t deserve to use the #MeToo hashtag.”