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S’poreans shocked African dictator’s daughter wants a MDIS master’s degree

S’poreans shocked African dictator’s daughter wants a MDIS master’s degree

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Singaporeans guess having money, slaves and gold is not enough in today’s flat world.


Singaporeans from all walks of life with varying education levels are shocked that the daughter of an African dictator wants a master’s degree from MDIS.

This after President Robert Mugabe, the 89-year-old two-bit tinpot dictator of Zimbabwe, was present at the Raffles City Convention Centre yesterday to witness his 24-year-old daughter’s graduation.

Sha Ren, a Singaporean, said: “Why would the dictator’s daughter want a master’s degree from MDIS when she already has everything, such as your own slaves, gold, sports cars, doctors, army and blood diamonds?”

Mugabe, known for his non-benevolent ways, has been barred from entering many parts of the world. His association with Singapore has always led others to think that we don’t have morals.

However, some Singaporeans felt that Singapore is still smart as we only let MDIS become a scapegoat and bear the brunt of bad press and be ostracised.

Fang Huo, a local graduate, said: “Singapore very smart, we protect NUS, SMU and SIM, our top three universities, from being tainted by association and let MDIS forever be known as the African dictator’s daughter’s university.”





How to say something funny

How to say something funny

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And impress girls.

There are several funny things to say to keep the conversation alive if you happen to be at Bugis MRT station towards the tail-end of your date.

And to say something funny is not hard. It’s all about context, context, context…

While going down the escalator to take the train, you will see this ultra wide advertisement for MDIS (Management Development Institute of Singapore):

When you see it you can say…

“So after Hogwarts, Ron Weasley furthers his studies at MDIS?”


And while waiting for the train, you will see this spanking new SMRT kindness poster featuring Singapore’s most (in)famous man in drag, Jack Neo:

Somewhat funny thing to say:
“False advertising. Jack Neo would never be caught taking the train.”

Okay funny thing to say:
“Jack Neo is always getting himself caught. In sticky situations.”

Pretty funny thing to say:
“True advertising. Nobody is giving Jack Neo the time of day. Because no one likes a cheating spouse.”

Important: If at no point does your date throw her head back and laugh, dump her.