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An opposition Hougang will increase our birth rate: Chan Chun Sing

An opposition Hougang will increase our birth rate: Chan Chun Sing

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By Gong KiuKiu

Chan Chun Sing. Enough said.

The People’s Action Party will have to sacrifice Hougang if it wishes to halt social problems like the low fertility rate, said Acting Minister for Community Development, Youth and Sports Chan Chun Sing.

“These are the tough choices we have to make,” he said at the sidelines of the poorly attended PAP rally last night.

He denied ever advocating for a rise in the total fertility rate (TFR) by promoting children out of wedlock in a forum organised by the Institute of Policy Studies on Monday.

A participant asked why Nordic countries have such high TFR. Someone from IPS then pointed out that if we deconstruct the numbers, we would realise that their TFR for married couples is rather similar to ours, but they accepted children out of wedlock. I then asked the audience if we as a society would ever accept that?

Instead, Chan admitted that his ministry has been working on a study to take advantage of the PAP’s declining popularity to improve the TFR of the country. Hougang, he said, is on a slow decline toward slumhood and if the Worker’s Party (WP) manages to maintain its hold on the constituency, there will come a time when even the street lamps in Hougang will be shut off due to poor maintenance.

This, Chan reckons, will create a hub for amorous young couples looking for more privacy in public. According to sources familiar with the matter, the social development network, Singapore’s state-run dating agency, has already called dibs on the potentially darkest spots in the constituency.

“We have KPI to hit,” the minister said while refusing to disclose when the study will be released.

The WP failed to answer our calls at the time of publication but a source who is always present during crucial meetings  said they were busy telling the media about why the party’s Hougang candidate, Png Eng Huat, did not become a non constituency member of parliament after last year’s elections.

Why Chan Chun Sing’s face looked pensive in Parliament?

Why Chan Chun Sing’s face looked pensive in Parliament?

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This is a 60-second reduction of the original article by Chan Chun Sing, first published in The Straits Times on March 20, 2012, Page A19.

When he is not looking pensive, Chan Chun Sing appears to be Jim Carrey when mixing with young girls, as seen in this screen grab from the electric fish tank.

Got quite a lot of people give us positive feedback on Budget 2012 because we help the poor, the disabled and the elderly.

What did we do?

ComCare eligibility? Change.

How much committed to take care of disabled and special needs community? $1 billion.

But some observer told me that when I made these announcements in parliament, I got pensive face.

My face of course pensive, because I think of the challenges ahead.

First, there is many things that still needs to be done to reach out to those in need.

But we also cannot ask Government to do everything.

Singaporeans and voluntary welfare organisations need to take responsibility also.

You pay taxes so what? Everything Government do? Outsource everything to external agency?

Like that society will be impersonal and have little warmth because we become transactional society what.

But I am encouraged by Singaporeans who come forward, like students and professionals who volunteer.

Also got one example called Project Dignity Kitchen. I like this one. This one is a hawker training school for persons with disabilities and the disadvantaged.

They got provide lunch treats for elderly also.

Second, the concept of help cannot be about giving out aid all the time, you know.

We must help people become independent instead.

Like that those in need will then be confident.

Give people new sense of mission and purpose in life will help them also.

Third, want to do more sometimes also problem.

Where to find resources?

Even more headache when our economy in future got slow growth.

This problem other countries also face. Want to help but cannot because not enough resources.

We must do things in a sustainable way like that.

Resources also mean need to find partners to do things together. Not just about money one, you know.

If not, how?

Confirm cannot find ways to support new ideas one.

We as a society must do more.

Next time got minister make announcement in parliament, I hope his face is not pensive also.

Because he can mobilise Singaporeans and not just because he got a lot of government programmes to announce.

Chan Chun Sing is Acting Minister for Community Development, Youth and Sports.

Club called Calm Down Now to be launched

Club called Calm Down Now to be launched

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More help to be extended soon for people who are easily outraged.

By The Social Guru

A recent spate of incidents have led Lin Hoh Boh to believe that Singaporeans in general need to count to 10 before accessing Facebook and Twitter to vent their anger.

The 34-year-old acupuncturist and homeopath said that the Remy Ong accident plus the most recent so-called controversy surrounding the Ministry of Community Development, Youth and Sports advertisement displaying the word “Hopeless” in bold are the final straws that broke the back of his camel.

Lin said: “People cannot always get angry about everything. They need to think whether their anger is necessary and whether it can be channelled to other means that are more productive.”

As action speaks louder than birds, Lin was determined to pull together some resources and friends as volunteers who would dispense platitudinous advice and cold wet towels or buckets of ice water on people who come to see them looking and feeling outraged.

But all these serious matters started out with a lighter and heartier objective.

Lin joked that Calm Down Now is a word play on Cum Now, as he and his group of volunteers believe people who get angry easily are also sexually frustrated.

But good common sense got the better of them.

He said: “We thought about it and toyed with the idea for about 40 minutes and worked ourselves into a tizzy getting really excited about our club name that is sexually titillating.

“And then we decided that since Singaporeans are still majority conservative, we should just play safe. But if you read past the normalcy of “Calm Down Now”, you might just get the hint that it was originally supposed to be Cum Now.”

The group intends to register themselves as a society and keep proper records of members.

Membership fees start from $500 a year for regular members to $2,000 for premium members.

Asked whether his rates are a bit too steep, Lin said: “Recently, there was this controversy that led to many NTU graduates feeling outraged about having to pay a lot of money for some convocation thing that they signed without checking the fine print and then complaining it’s too expensive.

“In comparison, our rates are slightly lower, and so I believe, will be acceptable to the public-at-large.”

The perpetual optimist also said: “If you take up the premium membership, you will get to douse outraged people seeking help from us with ice water and one large bucket of dry ice so everyone will get to calm now or cum down!”

Outrage over outrage over MCYS ad

Outrage over outrage over MCYS ad

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Advertisement was not even offensive enough to make headlines, claims Internet savvy crowd.

By The Social Guru

The Ministry of Community Development, Youth and Sports recently launched a campaign to promote social work as a worthy career choice but has since drawn flak from some members of the public-at-large over the poor taste in the depiction of one particular advertisement.

The print advertisement shows a social worker playing with the balls of a pair of amputees with the word “Hopeless” printed boldly across it.

However, more than a dozen people, who consider themselves to be part of the Internet savvy generation, said that the MCYS advertisement controversy has been overblown and any offence supposedly caused wasn’t exactly a slam dunk case.

One Internet savvy spokesperson, said there were definitely other more unpleasant and controversial things that would seriously require the proper display of outrage.

He said: “Have the people who feel outraged come across more salient material that is truly meant to stir feelings? Such as the 1998 book Rape of Nanking by Iris Chang that chronicles the brutal invasion and slaughter of Chinese people during WWII by the Japanese?”

He continued: “If they truly feel outraged at this instance with the MCYS ad, I think they would fly into a blinding rage and set all Toyotas on fire and stop eating sushi for this lifetime after they’ve read Chang’s book.”

When interviewed, more than 20 people claimed to be unaware that any outrage had been experienced although they have seen the advertisement, while more than 600 people approached on the street said they were unaware of any MCYS campaign to attract more social workers.

A further 4,000 people claim to not know what MCYS means, among which 56 of them made a bad guess saying that it is an acronym that stood for “Motorcyclists”.

When asked about the supposed high tolerance of the Internet savvy crowd, one self-proclaimed Gen X hipster said: “I’ve watched Two Girls One Cup on several occasions, each time eating a different type of food: Durian, muah chee, Nestum cereal, yam paste, almond paste, peanut paste and tau suan, and I’ve managed to hold them all down.”

He also said while offering to replay Daniel Pearl’s video for the fourteenth time: “I don’t feel outraged at all because, or else, I’ll spend my whole life feeling outraged at everything that happens.

“But I think the orphaned puppies after the Remy Ong incident quite poor thing, that case…”, he said, before breaking out in sobs and looking agitated.

One conspiracy theory has emerged though: The supposed outrage is part of the marketing ploy to attract attention as such ministry-led campaigns have generally fallen on deaf ears and will on any normal day make a compelling case for the waste of taxpayers’ money.

But what’s a solution to all this outrage and more that is to come in the future?

The Gen X hipster said: “The people feeling peeved should consider buying underwear that is one size bigger next time.”

Read the previous article by The Social Guru about the misguided nature of this recent campaign by MCYS to attract social workers.

Misguided: Nationwide campaign to boost social worker numbers

Misguided: Nationwide campaign to boost social worker numbers

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Up the salaries of social workers to make vocation as prestigious as law and medicine instead.

By The Social Guru

It has been reported that a huge drive to attract more people to become social workers is currently being carried out.

With 800 registered social workers, Singapore is still in need of 200 more practitioners.

It has also been revealed that a social worker pulls between $2,550 and $2,750 a month.

And to drive these points home, an ongoing nationwide campaign that includes print and TV advertisements has been launched to promote social work as a career of choice.

But how much money is that to coordinate a campaign of this scale, you think?

Millions of dollars annually? From taxpayers presumably?

Oh for crying out loud!

Why can’t the government take all that money and split it evenly among the 1,000 social workers that Singapore is targeting?

This will raise the profile of social workers significantly by tangibly raising the salaries by a quantum leap.

Because in Singapore, you see, the worthiness of a vocation is led by how much money it yields for the practitioner.

Price and opportunity cost will always be a determinant.

But check out what our favourite minister had to say about social workers.

Acting minister for Community Development, Youth and Sports, Chan Chun Sing, said the remuneration of being a social worker is competitive when compared to similar jobs, such as teaching, that serves the needs of others.

Well, for the record, teaching is a profession that is not very attractive to begin with judging by the perennial lack of teachers.

And to peg social workers to teachers and vice versa is not doing either profession the favour of profile-raising.

But there’s always that hackneyed argument that you need to have a heart for social work to do it, right?

It’s not always about the vulgar aspects such as how much you’re getting paid, right?

Oh, come on.

Name me a job that doesn’t serve the needs of others?

And name me a job that doesn’t require you to have a heart?

For the record, social work is like any other kind of work.

It could be law, medicine, flipping burgers or grooming dogs.

The better the pay, the more professionalised it becomes, the more people it attracts, the more competitive it gets and the better the quality of the candidates who show up for job interviews.

PAP believes in paying top dollar to ensure quality pickings for minister-calibre individuals who can serve the people and nation, right?

So why not apply that same belief to social workers?

Why the discrepancy?

Singaporeans disagree about what’s more worrying

Singaporeans disagree about what’s more worrying

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Environ-MENTAL minister Vivien Balakrishnan said droughts more worrying than floods. S’poreans collectively laughed at his inanity.

It has been reported that environ-MENTAL minister Vivien Balakrishnan has gone off some kind of bend lately.

With the recent Orchard Road flooding in December giving his ego a bit of a beating, the ex-MCYS minister who is now in charge of the environment and looking at a future with lesser salary, has come out openly in public yesterday to say he is more concerned about droughts than floods.

Vivien said: “A prolonged drought is something of a greater worry to me than a flash flood, which can be resolved over 15 minutes to half an hour”.

His comment comes at a perfectly lousy time, considering that Liat Towers, which literally drowned during the wet episode last month, is still getting the jitters every time dark clouds loom above Orchard Road – a sad irony considering this famous commercial paradise was incidentally ranked as the best shopping strip in the entire universe last week.

Wendy's sure didn't look like it took 15 minutes to half an hour to resolve its sogginess.

Adding to the lousiness in the timing for his proclamation is the fact that Wendy’s, the burger place, took several hours to set their house in order when flood waters ravaged its business, leaving everything soggy resembling a pond and certainly not feeling like the best shopping strip ever.

The bad timing is further compounded if the announcement to dock ministerial salaries is given some weight.

And just last week, Vivien claimed to be honest about things as he is wont to call “a spade a spade”.

A psychologist based in Singapore, who refused to be named because his wife is a civil servant, said Singaporeans shouldn’t be too hard on Vivien for being inane.

He said: “When people suffer a sudden, brutal financial loss – like for example, a reduction in salary – they tend to go incoherent.”

The psychologist added: “Actually, to mistake inanity with honesty is common. Look at the people posting on SPH’s STOMP.”

A fellow Singaporean, Alan Wantsomesexymamacomegetsome, a Subaru enthusiast, said Vivien’s comments was hilariously penile.

Wantsomesexymamacomegetsome said, “Lan jiao lah! Hahahahahahahahaha…”

A mother of an only teenage son, said she isn’t too concerned with either droughts or floods. Or Vivien, for that matter.

The woman, in her 40s, said her son’s chastity is of utmost importance. Its loss, under circumstances outside the sanctity of marriage, will result in eternal retribution during the afterlife.

She said, “Whether water levels are high or low, doesn’t matter. It’s God’s will. I just don’t want my son to be exposed to sexual references. Especially with MOE going to schools to teach about sexuality education, this will cause youngsters to become more curious and experimental.”

“Imagine if he tried things he shouldn’t? He will go to hell”, she added

“Hell fire and brimstone is most worrying”, she added some more.

Government fail: Doesn’t understand what young people want

Government fail: Doesn’t understand what young people want

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Therefore, they should consider leaving *SCAPE in private hands.

By Belmont Lay

Having the ability to run a $200-billion-a-year economy would give any government in the world a lot of confidence.

Therefore, it comes as no surprise that the PAP folks can strut around cocksure in their whitey-tighties, decreeing this and that, because they’ve gotten the fundamentals down pat with our $200-billion economy.

But, regardless of hubris or the level of confidence, there are certain pies that the PAP government should never, ever get their fingers into.

For example, they should never, ever try to predict again what sort of youth leader people want.

Lest they give us another Tin Pei Ling.

Also, they should never again predict what constitutes as “fun” and “entertaining”.

Lest they give us another *SCAPE.

So you should know, *SCAPE is that shopping mall thing located next to Cineleisure in the Orchard Road strip.

Set up and set aside since 2004 by the Ministry of Community Development, Youth & Sports (MCYS) to manage spaces in the heart of Singapore city, it is supposed to provide cool, urban, funky, buttocks-clenching excitement for young people up to 35 years old.

But there is a problem.

It is neither a provider of buttocks-clenching excitement nor attractive to youths at all.

It has, in fact, been suffering from a low turnout since its inception.

This example only serves to show that the PAP folks and government in general are rubbish at having fun and inculcating it in others.

So when I found out that *SCAPE will be launching a new entrepreneurship programme in March next year targeting youth-run businesses, I laughed so hard, incredulous, I snorted and farted at the same time.

After which I fell off the chair hysterical, ROFL and suffered spasms.

In the original Channel News Asia report proclaiming this new harebrained scheme, the mood of the article is already one of doom and gloom.

It highlighted three points:

1. Five tenants have moved out since *SCAPE’s official launch in June last year.

2. Retailers complain *SCAPE has not attracted as many youth as what it originally set out to do.

3. They are also unhappy with the low traffic, even though the building is located in the heart of Orchard Road.

So, the pertinent question is: What kind of sorcery is MCYS going to use to not only start getting young people with spending power there but also get going an entire entrepreneurship programme?

Beats me, but the CNA article correctly quotes Tracy Phillips, owner of A Curious Teepee at *SCAPE, saying: “Initially, when they spoke to me about youth, they told me youth was anyone under 35… but in reality, everything that is being done now is targeted to youth who are very, very young. And the fact is youth don’t want to hang out in a place where you tell them to hang out.”

So, here’s the point of today’s missive: You can trust “fun”, “funky” and “entertaining” to be true to form, if and only if, it is left to enterprising private hands. The government might be able to manage an economy on a macro scale, but mastering the finesse of knowing what young people want?

Hell no.

And you can trust Tracy to know exactly what she is talking about.

Because she is right that young people will never do what they are told.

The last time I checked, she used to be the ex-marketing manager of Zouk – a place where boys would pay through the nose just to show up to see and meet girls who will be there dressed to the nines as if it was SlutWalk every time.

Which means, in short, Tracy knows what young people want.


On the other hand, the Acting Minister for Community Development, Youth and Sports is Chan Chun Sing.

Chan Chun Sing. Enough said.

Needless to say, I might as well have just shown you this picture right at the start: I would have won the argument with just this picture alone.

A new unconference: Be the Change

A new unconference: Be the Change

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A group of young people will be launching a new initiative to gather the views of young people towards making Singapore a better place. Called, ‘Be the Change’, the initiative will be launched officially at the *SCAPE Warehouse on Saturday, 24th September, at 2.30pm. It is supported by the Ministry of Community Development, Youth and Sports.

So what will happen on that day? Looks like they will be organizing an unconference —  a conference where participants set the agenda — where youths can talk about anything they’re passionate about.