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Hawkers cook tastier food when Gordon Ramsay showed up

Hawkers cook tastier food when Gordon Ramsay showed up

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Maxwell Food Centre hawkers felt intimidated, unleashed full potential when the Master Chef showed up.

Photo stolen from Yahoo! Facebook

Photo stolen from Yahoo! Facebook

Hawkers at Maxwell Food Centre are reportedly cooking their food much tastier today.

Patrons interviewed by New Nation said they believe this is due to celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay’s appearance at the food centre.

He was there this afternoon to scold the chef of Tian Tian Chicken Rice and hopefully learn how to cook the dish from him and then go on TV to cook it by himself and look very smart and refined doing it.

This is a form of Western imperialism that Singaporeans are not aware of. But is talked about extensively in NUS classrooms.

One wanton mee seller, Char Siew Mian, said she felt the pressure to do her best as Gordon Ramsay is known to have exacting standards: “It felt like hell’s kitchen. Later he make sarcastic comment like ‘Your wanton mee is so wanton, it is like a loose woman’.”

Another cai png seller, Zhar Cai Fan, said he brushed up his cooking as he was not prepared for a tongue lashing in public: “I scared later he scold me say ‘Your economy rice is so bad, Adam Smith would disapprove’.”

However, some Singaporeans who were near the hawker centre were star-struck by Gordon Ramsay’s appearance.

One of them rushed down to meet him and posted it on Facebook: