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New Nation launches Outfluencer Network Advertising™, by and for people without influence

New Nation launches Outfluencer Network Advertising™, by and for people without influence

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Finally, advertising by nobodies for nobodies.



Press Release

Watch out, ladies and gentlemen, because here comes the latest advertising network to take Singapore by storm.

Singapore’s only almost real news website New Nation has launched a brand new groundbreaking media product called Outfluencer Network Advertising™ on Feb. 4, 2015.

The term “Outfluencer” is a brand new marketing term created out of thin air, so there is nothing like it that has been conceived until now.

In short, Outfluencer Network Advertising™ will rely on Outfluencers who are, in reality, similar to Influencers in being nobodies, except that Outfluencers know that they do not have influence and have a hard time convincing others.

The best part? Outfluencers won’t act like they are convincing even if they are given a lot of money — like how Influencers will.

Outfluencer Network Advertising™ executive director, Wang Pei, said Outfluencers aim to nudge the online advertising industry to the next level of banality, which will only serve to increase authenticity: “Since there are so many useless people and nobodies acting as Influencers, we need to break away and differentiate Outfluencers from the rest of them by making it clear that Outfluencers are like Influencers, except more honest because they know that they suck at this spreading the word thing but don’t pretend that they don’t.”

The strategy for Outfluencer Network Advertising™ will be simple: Crowdsource everyday regular people who have no influence to provide honest reviews of products and services to be read by other everyday regular people who have no influence.

This will ensure authenticity as there is no need to sugarcoat and upsell anything. It is a case of What You See Is All There Is. Nobodies convincing nobodies.

Outfluencers preferably should not have any track record of sampling and reviewing products and services. They should avoid having a following.

Outfluencers will be recruited via a vast network — basically anyone on Facebook and Twitter — where anyone who looks in need of social media friends will be randomly messaged to ask if they are keen to review something.

Merchants with products and services to advertise can contact Outfluencer Network Advertising™ at [email protected]


Do you have more questions?

Here is a handy cut-out-and-keep guide to questions pertaining to Outfluencer advertising.

Frequently Asked Questions.

Who is an Outfluencer?

An Outfluencer is an Influencer who knows he or she does not have much influence.

In other words, an Outfluencer is you and me, a nobody: Anyone who has no particular identifiable talent, like Influencers, but who knows their opinion is not important.


Who can be an Outfluencer?

Anyone. There are no age or dietary restrictions.

Basically, anyone who is not self-conceited or an Influencer. Outfluencers are nobodies.


Why be an Outfluencer?

It is the same as asking why be Catholic or Christian or Chinese. You just are.


What’s the difference between Influencers vs Outfluencers?

Influencers are people without discernible talent but who think they can influence other people because they think they can sway others with their own opinions, when in fact, no one cares.

Outfluencers are those without discernible talent and who cannot influence others but do not believe for a second they can sway other people’s opinions, because no one cares.


Will Outfluencers get paid?

Yes, there will be profit-sharing if there are clients and merchants who wants products or services reviewed.


Why should I trust Outfluencers?

They are the most authentic voices out there as they can be anybody, unlike Influencers, who are known to pretend they can sell products or services. Outfluencers don’t even need to pretend. They are nobodies.


Is this Outfluencer thing a joke?

No. But it can be pretty damn funny.



Product description: Always wondered what kind of air New Nation writers breathe? Why not try some of New Nation’s hot air? Produced and packed fresh daily!

Email [email protected] if you’d like to buy one jar of New Nation hot air, yours for only S$29.90.


Outfluencer review: “Isn’t this the Ikea jar?”
Wendy Koh, 28, Banking Executive

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