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What did you do during Earth Hour?

What did you do during Earth Hour?

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One participant gives his take.

By I-Love-Conservation

Even with the lights out, the three pillars of sin still look bright. And obviously the hotel guests weren't with the programme.

“I think the Earth Hour event at The Lawn (an open space next to the Marina Bay Financial Centre) was great.

I was there and there were so many families and young kids getting in on the act of Earth Hour, sitting around watching the world go dark for 60 minutes.

During that period when everything was dark, it was quite peaceful. You could imagine civilisation going on forevermore without the need to use energy.

So to take my mind off that thought, I turned on my iPad to check my work emails.

And then I used this smartphone app-controlled vibrator to make love to my girlfriend who is in the US at the moment.

However, as I was basically running my iPad and iPhone at the same time, I think this annoyed some of the families who wanted it “to be darker”.

So, not wanting to disturb people, I got off the grass and drove off in my Land Rover.

I got home and took a hot shower and turned on the air con. I put my stinky clothes, basically just my shirt and pants, into the washing machine and after it was done, left it in the dryer to tumble dry.

After which, I drove to the supermarket in my Land Rover again, and bought $30 worth of groceries that been flown into Singapore.

I returned home, cooked everything using an electric hot plate. And threw the frying pan away after I was done because it was a little worn after 2 weeks of use.

And this was when I remembered that I had forgotten to turn the lights off in my office in Tanjong Pagar when I got off work on Friday. So it had been on for more than a day.

I was really bothered because Earth Hour was about conservation of light so I drove my Land Rover back to office to turn it off.

At this point in time, I remembered that I had left the dryer on at home for more than four hours.

So, I sped back, but not before heading off to the convenience store to buy some beer.

I drank a bit and realised that the Earth Hour event sure opened my eyes to the need to conserve.

With conservation in mind, I put the remaining two cans of beer in my empty fridge to chill.

As I have a habit of buying produce from the supermarket everyday, there was no need to stock up.

But a chilled fridge is always handy, where I can keep the two cans of beer that would be for later.”