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Good Riddance

Good Riddance

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The ad in Orchard Road depicting a shirtless man tugging at his jeans is a moral outrage and was rightly condemned by the authorities.

Dear New Nation editor,

I was flabbergasted when I was strolling down Orchard Road with my husband and two children. The Singapore I knew of was gone. Bangladeshi workers now flood the streets, and I dislike the way they look at my daughter. New shopping malls are popping up all over the place, making me almost a stranger in my own land. But I can still tolerate that.

What I cannot stand is how liberal and loose Singapore has become. I read in the news some time back about how two men dressed up in full-body suits to scare shoppers in Causeway Point. It was so tight fitting that you can make out their bits through the fabric. Like a Durex PR stunt gone wrong.

And now, we have a huge, obscene ad of a naked man tugging at his jeans. To be honest, I was ashamed when I saw it. These irresponsible advertising agencies don’t understand how hard it is to raise children in this day and age. Read the full story