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Malaysian filmmakers show grainy footage

Malaysian filmmakers show grainy footage


From Our Malaysia Correspondent

CARCOSA SERI NEGARA:  This week FMN will attend the annual Malaysian BN Short Film Festival.   This rapidly expanding category allows promising new filmmakers a chance to really experiment with the art form.

Last year’s winner Director Yu Hai Ding told FMN, “I squashed into a sleazy hotel crawlspace for 6 months to film strangers having sex until finally I found the right shot.  My film is called ‘Guy who resembles Opposition leader with a young girl in hotel room’.” There was confusion as to whom would take acting credits for the starring roles, but the movie still went on to win BN 2011 short film of the year.

Other films however, were not so well received.  The movie “Chinese party leader in a hotel room advising a young girl.” Was criticized by BN appointed film censor Mohd Jaafar as being disrespectful to the dignity of a leader holding a major government post.  “Why is the public exposed to all this sleaze?  We are Malaysians and this type of filth needs to be seen privately by trained experts before being released to the public.”

Other films that may be screened this year include,  “Guys swapping brown envelopes at lunch”, “Sarawakian jumping frogs”, “Lawyer on New Zealand vacation with Judge”, “Sons of Ministers doing hos and blow on a yacht” and “Disneyland Technical tour with my wife and kids.”

A rumored movie shot in 2003, “Ambitious Defense Minister in Paris” will not be screened this year.  If it ever does see the light of day, it could be one of the most exciting short films ever released.