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Malaysia officially better than Singapore

Malaysia officially better than Singapore

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Because Malaysia audit report thicker. Size matters.

By Nyi Nyi

Malaysia's Auditor General on the size of Singapore's ...

Malaysia’s Auditor General on the size of Singapore’s … report.

Datuk Kah Yu, the minister in the Prime Ministers Department in charge of integrity, put an end to ongoing debate over which of the two countries was better.

Datuk Kah claimed that the first sign of superiority was the thicker audit report in comparison to Singapore’s paltry 70-page report.

He further pointed to other advanced statistics such as size of land, when he claimed, “Malaysia feels like it is bigger than Singapore, and there seemed to be more people.”

“Malaysia’s unemployment rate is also more than twice the amount of that in Singapore.” Datuk Kah exclaimed with pride.

“While it is true that the word Singapore has more letters than Malaysia, if you actually convert it to points in Scrabble, Malaysia actually trumps Singapore 13 to 12.”

Datuk Kah also waved off Singapore’s 5th place ranking on the least corrupt countries and economic yardsticks such as GDP as being too abstract and unreliable.

Preferring instead to bring out 2 erasers, one with the Singapore flag and the other with the Malaysian flag, and see who could flip their respective country/eraser on top of the other.