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No one can have the last word, not even Lee Kuan Yew

No one can have the last word, not even Lee Kuan Yew

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Lest we forget, Lee’s words are not the last on the subject. They are the first. And so are mine.
By Belmont Lay

Lee Kuan Yew

"Why liddat?" Because I say so"

IN MY opinion, I consider the following things to be very wrong: Incest, paedophilia, line dancing in public and infanticide.

Also considered to be quite wrong is megalomania by way of Saddam Hussein who once required one-half of his cronies to shoot the other half in the face just to seal a pact with him.

Therefore, without wanting to always come off as stating the obvious, I, of course, found what Lee Kuan Yew said last week about Singaporean Malay-Muslims being “distinct and separate” as a community to be fairly acceptable and utterly defensible.

No seriously, I find it as acceptable as, say, getting slizzard when popping bottles in the ice like a blizzard.

Because it sounds like a fair and natural comment to be making if you happen to have been under the influence of a particular state of mind.

Yes, I know a lot of people are up in arms and whingeing about the fact that singling out the Malay-Muslim community in Singapore is insensitive and foolhardy just ahead of the next general elections.

And yes, forthrightness and political correctness are not His Leeness’ strongest points.

But seriously, what are we really challenging here?

Should we take issue with Lee’s statement because it is blunt?

How adamant should we be that his views are not influencing the ruling elite’s policies?

Are we to assess the degree of falsity or truth in his remarks by reviewing the history of the claims he made on the same subject?

And how credulous or sceptical should one be about his observations?

Should we subscribe to it?

As far as I can tell, well, I can’t tell, really. I have been putting my head to these questions for the last seven days and I have yet to derive a succinct answer I can summarise in 600 words.

And isn’t that the whole point of it?

What Lee did, whether he intended to or not, was start a well and proper debate inside our heads and among people with too fat ego-filled heads who can’t seem to concede a point about a pertient issue.

What would otherwise have been an issue that cannot get started as everyone else has been too polite or too distracted to instigate, due to a host of seemingly other better things to do in life, is now on its way.

And that’s well good by me.

I welcome the analyses, rebuttals, hand-waving dismissals, recasting of arguments in perspective and diagnoses of Lee’s neuroses that have sprung up inside and outside the Internet since the news broke about what he said.

I need, as much as you should require them, to help me and you make up our collective minds.

But within the latest discussions, I also found the indefensible and cowardly: To insist that there are topics that are too taboo to talk about because it is potentially divisive, is usually a preference for convenience – to sweep the issues under than to have an honest open discussion publicly.

To participate in an open-ended dialogue that hurts, sucks, gets personal, becomes unmanageable, takes a lot of time, effort, ink and digital ones-and-noughts to convey and/or concede just one point is to possess an iota of temerity.

So here’s the point of today’s missive: To assert what is right or wrong on the basis that I said so is to not use that matter between your ears to judge. It is simply resorting to tribalism, demagogy and stupidity.

And therefore, this rule also applies to Lee or any other fat-headed opinionated person.

You also learn that there are things that can be considered wrong or right and are subjected to critical, as opposed to say, wishful thinking.

So, always remember, Lee doesn’t have the last word. Neither do I. And so can’t you.

And I can’t see how any of these is a bad thing.

Go free inquiry!