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S’poreans agree everybody is in love with the PAP

S’poreans agree everybody is in love with the PAP

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Singaporeans are head over heels in love with the ruling party.


Singaporeans from all walks of life have fallen head over heels in love with the PAP.

This after it was reported in The Straits Times on May 6, 2014 that residents in opposition-led Aljunied GRC are surely warming up to the PAP and will vote them back into power because the ruling party is just so awesome.

This positivism has prompted Singaporeans to point out that loving the PAP is, in fact, a national phenomenon, not just restricted to one GRC.

One Singaporean, Wo Ai Ni, said: “Everybody in Singapore loves PAP. All the complaints you hear about on the Internet are all not real and can be disregarded.”

Other locals also point to concrete evidence to show that PAP is definitely in favour in Singapore at the moment.

Lai Zhuo Ai, a Singaporean, said: “People in Toa Payoh definitely love the PAP a lot. So much so they want to get physically intimate with the ruling party and declare it on top of a HDB flat.”


Singapore invaded by rainbows

Singapore invaded by rainbows

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But social media users are sick of this phenomenon, complains of reposts.

After claiming responsibility for the Friday flash floods over some parts of Singapore, God has issued a truce.

He is posting rainbows all over Singapore as an internationally recognised symbol of love. And Nyan Cat.

Here are some photos of rainbows posted on Facebook in five minutes:

However, almost all Facebook users are complaining of spamming and reposts.

This might be construed as spurning the love of God and might lead to another round of rinsing of our streets with excessive amounts of water.

He said NO?!

He said NO?!

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As strange as it might seem, men reject sex too.

By Charlene Chia, for the writing contest.

Image: DUCKofD3ath

JOSIAH, 19, is a boyish charmer many girls would love to date. He’s a school debater, articulate and well-dressed. He’s every inch a babe magnet. His Facebook profile says that he’s interested in meeting women as he’s looking for a relationship. He’s been through two relationships – the only unusual thing about him is his belief in abstinence.

By this, Josiah means that love is much more than sex. “I once saw an old woman, wheelchair-bound and unable to move much. She was being fed by her husband, spoonful by spoonful. He would gently wipe away food that has dribbled from her mouth and it was obvious to anyone watching that he truly cared for his aged and disabled wife.”

“When I saw that scene, it struck me that, this is what I want. I want my relationship to be one that can last. I want it to be one that is comfortable with or without sex. I want to be able to love my partner and potentially future wife even when we are in our 60s and 70s and unable to have sex anymore. That is the relationship I’m looking for.”

With the rising tide of underage sex and pregnancy, it’s difficult to believe that any guy would break up with their girlfriend because she wouldn’t stop pressing him for sex.

“I know sex is common nowadays and most people jump into it without a second thought. But to me, there is more to a relationship than sex. If a relationship cannot exist without sex, then the only question I have is ‘What relationship is there?’”

To him, a relationship is about being together for the pleasure of each other’s company and understanding each other on a different level than friends do.

“My ex could not understand or accept that. If she couldn’t accept my point of view on such a critical issue then it just shows that we were not suited for each other.”

In most cases, it’s usually the girl who says no to sex. But the situation is reversed for him.

“Denying her of sex was probably one of the most terrible things I have done to her since I have never heard her use such strong words against me before.” Josiah says with a wry smile.

“She said things like, ‘what the hell you mean you don’t want? It’s not like you’re committing rape. You are fucking stubborn. I hate you!’”


“I felt like I was dating playboy bunny, she started to dress more skimpily than usual and behaving less appropriately. My girlfriend didn’t exist anymore.” — Josiah

“I feel sad for those who reject sex. They are missing out on a lot.” — Walid

“I wouldn’t give up my religious views or cast them aside just because the rest of the world is behaving differently.” — Colin

Perhaps the one thing that really baffles us is the possibility that a straight guy does not want sex. A lot of men tend to jump at the offer of sex from a hot girl. The general consensus is that the more girls a man scores with, the manlier he is.

However, the world rarely stops to consider the fact that men have different backgrounds influencing their everyday lives and how they think.

Colin Chia, 22, a social volunteer, feels that if a girl cannot understand that sex to him is something important and should be kept between a married couple, she is disregarding his principles and his beliefs.

“As a Christian, I believe that marriage and sex is something sacred. The very least my girlfriend can do is to respect my decision,” he says vehemently.

“I think if we were to have partners before marriage, it will be something that casts a shadow on our future relationships. Many of my female friends who are dating have at one point or another said they were worried their boyfriends will compare them with the other girls they have done. I don’t plan to put that kind of stress on my girlfriend.”

This might come across as old fashioned but it sure impresses the ladies.

Stella Leong, 18, a Junior College student, says, “These men must be big on morals and principles. It’s rare and really nice to know they are still out there. I thought chivalry no longer existed. They are a keeper!”

“It takes a real man to be able to do this. It’s usually the reverse that happens,” says Aranya, 19, a student. “I hope the guy I date in the future would have similar ideals.”

It’s never an easy task to stand by your own beliefs but Josiah perseveres. “Many of my male friends think that I’m a wuss for rejecting sex. But I know that women out there respect a man who is firm in what he believes and is able to do the right thing and that is good enough for me.”

Josiah’s friends are not the only ones who think that men who reject sex are “wusses”. Yan Zhi, a 20-year-old national service man said, “I’m someone who gives my girlfriend whatever she demands. I think breaking up over not having sex is the stupidest thing any guy can do.”

Walid Shah, a 19-year-old student, shares the same attitude, “A girl standing in front of you and saying she wants to sleep with you is probably the most irresistible thing on earth. I am not going to be a fool and say no!”

We may live in a world where sex is practiced freely and celebrity sex scandals and naked pictures are regular gossip fodder but men like Josiah and Colin still exists.

As Colin aptly puts it, “I think in a world where morality is becoming increasingly relative, people still respect a man who stays true to his convictions, principles and beliefs.”

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Just being Ris Low

Just being Ris Low

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New Nation catches up with the former beauty queen, as well as actress Irene Ang and magicians J C Sum and ‘Magic Babe’ Ning at the m:idea Youth Choice Awards.

By Dannon Har

Arriving late on scene but enjoying the limelight nonetheless, Ris Low ladies and gentlemen. Photo: KIMBERLY ONG

Award winners

Cutest Male Personality I Wanna Bring Home – Dai Yang Tian

Hottest Female Personality I Wanna Date – Joanne Peh

Best OMG! MomentRis Low’s April Fool’s Day prank on 987FM

Band I Wanna Throw Myself At – Jack & Rai

Celeb Duo I Wanna Chill With – The Muttons

Coolest Blogger I Wanna Gossip With (Xoxo) – Xiaxue

Favourite Nightspot – Zouk

Favourite Tech Brand – Apple

Favourite Fashion Brand – Topshop/Topman

Favourite Restaurant – Swensen’s

Favourite Dessert Café – Frolick

Favourite Online Store – Love, Bonito

AVID reader of The Business Times? Then consider yourself in the same league as former beauty queen Ris Low.

“People who don’t know me might think that I am a shallow person, but mind you I do read Business Times one okay!” she says.

She also admits to putting on her best behaviour recently, considering that her 24 months probation for credit card fraud is finally coming to an end.

And yeah, she had just won the “Best OMG! Moment” award for two years running at the m:idea Youth Choice Awards held last Saturday.

The event is organised by m:idea – Singapore’s first youth-led media conglomerate from Ngee Ann Polytechnic.

But some things don’t change: Ris arrived late (read: after the event), and one wonders if this was another publicity stunt. Her excuse this time? Bad weather and vehicular malfunctions.

The event saw about 200 people turn up. Youths gave their verdict on their favourite celebs and brands by casting over 58,000 votes between November 15 to December 14 last year.

Popular celebs that made the red carpet event include heartthrob Nat Ho, funny host Irene Ang, comedic DJs The Muttons, local musicians Jack and Rai, and illusionists J C Sum and ‘Magic Babe’ Ning, just to name a few.

Irene Ang, a famous comedienne, cafe owner, and movie producer, had audiences laughing out loud.

Better known as Singlish-speaking, flowery-dressed, Ah Lian, Rosie Phua from the hit sitcom Phua Chu Kang, Irene turned heads and melted hearts as she stole the show with her unique brand of humour.

“I come from the school of hard-knocks, hard-work, and heart-breaks,” says Irene when asked how she became so good at what she does.

Her wisdom for the young and entrepreneurial: “The thing is, don’t give up so easily, and if it doesn’t work, be brave enough to say this is not what I am good at, let me look for something else; because you’re still young; so when you are young don’t feel like you have to get it right the first time.”

Want more advice from top celebs?

“We use Facebook alot” says Ning the ‘Magic Babe’, lashes fluttering. “It’s really wasted if you aren’t contemporary; we see ourselves as commercial artists and you need to constantly revamp and be in tune with what today’s people wanna see.”

J C Sum added: “With YouTube we can see what other people are doing so we make sure we don’t do anything that anyone is doing; and what we do is first in the world.”

But there’s more to it.

“If you want to do it (magic) commercially, for money; just understand that this is showbiz and it is a different ballgame altogether just like any other commercial creative artist.”

Finding it difficult to resist, I asked them for next week’s winning 4D numbers (since they successfully predicted the winning digits before). Ask and you shall receive, right?

“Zero, zero, zero, zero,” says J C Sum confidently.

But I wouldn’t bet on it if I were you.

  • Eager audiences line the red carpet anticipating for the celebrities that should arrive anytime now..or now..or now.. Photo: KIMBERLY ONG
  • No it’s not a protest. Nat Ho’s fan club came down in full-force bearing posters, placards and neon signs all for the sake of fandom. Photo: KIMBERLY ONG
  • The ‘bad weather’ Ris Low was talking about. Somehow other celebs managed to come on time. Sorta. Photo: KIMBERLY ONG
  • Multi-talented artist and entrepreneur Irene Ang graced the event as a Celebrity guest host. Photo: KIMBERLY ONG
  • Winning “Celebrity Duo I Wanna Chill Out With”, The Muttons agree that the best chill-out spot is still at home. Photo: KIMBERLY ONG
  • Duane Ho, finalist in Singapore Idol 3, is here to do a surprise opening number for the m:idea Youth Choice Awards 2011. Photo: KIMBERLY ONG
  • Luminiq: Dance crew and runners up of One Moment of Glory. Photo: KIMBERLY ONG
  • Dual-wielding Sai action by 'Magic Babe' Ning. This scene was probably more alluring than the illusion itself. Photo: KIMBERLY ONG
  • Dannon poses with Ris: She does look smarter now! Maybe it was just a matter of wearing the right accessories. Photo: KIMBERLY ONG