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Man dies after cock penetrated his leg, severing vein

Man dies after cock penetrated his leg, severing vein

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Cause of death is due to loss of blood. Wife sues for negligence.

Photo: Gaelx

CALIFORNIA — A man died after he was killed by a cock that did not even belong to him.

This occurred at a cock fighting gathering where men would watch cocks outperform one another, sometimes to their deaths.

One of the cocks managed to claim a human as its victim as no precautions were taken to protect the cock-watchers from being assaulted.

The sharp spurs attached to one of the cocks, for the purpose of inflicting blows to other cocks until they go limp and lifeless, accidentally sliced the man’s leg causing him to bleed profusely.

Adding a twist to the fowl play is an alleged cock-up: Not only is the wife of the deceased man suing the cock fighting organiser for negligence, she is suing the hospital the injured man was sent to for treatment.

Her accusation? The hospital did not attend to the deceased man promptly causing him to bleed to death.

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