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Xiaxue’s lawyer looks set to make a lot of money off Xiaxue

Xiaxue’s lawyer looks set to make a lot of money off Xiaxue

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By forcing SMRT Ltd (Feedback) to shut up, another 10 Facebook pages will pop up to take its place.


Xiaxue’s lawyer, whom she engaged to take out a Protection Order against Facebook group SMRT Ltd (Feedback) and serving them notice via email and Facebook, looks set to make big bucks from his blogger client.

This after the lawyer successfully got the State Courts to issue a Protection Order under Originating Summons to shut SMRT Ltd (Feedback) up, prevent them from publishing or continuing to publish more honest statements about Xiaxue — for now.

Singaporeans who heard of this news roundly applauded the lawyer’s candour and actions, as he is set to become very rich making money off Xiaxue because he will never run out of work applying for protection orders on Xiaxue’s behalf.

Tan Dua Lui, one Singaporean who was very impressed, said with SMRT Ltd (Feedback) clamming up, another 10 or more Facebook pages run by anonymous people will be set up to take its place and she will have to engage her lawyer’s services on a routine basis: “Wah the lawyer is damn smart making a lot of money off her.”

“One Facebook page can shut up now. But this will cause 10 Facebook pages run by anonymous people to be set up to take its place.”

“The she needs her lawyer to send 10 letters on her behalf to the admin of the 10 Facebook pages.”

“And after they shut up, another 100 anonymous Facebook pages will be set up to take their place.”

“Imagine one letter he writes she pays him $25… 100 letters will cost $2,500.”

“Wah I should have gone to law school last time so I can also make so much money sending emails.”

“Maybe grow up already can help defend the future prime minister and earn derisory amounts of money.”


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