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Petty politicking causes S’poreans to live longer

Petty politicking causes S’poreans to live longer


Numerous elections in recent years, Workers’ Party-PAP spat hailed for providing longevity.


Singapore has come in fourth in terms of best life expectancy rate in the world, the latest World Health Organisation (WHO) figures show.

Average life expectancy at birth stood at 82 years in 2011.

And this is a result of Singaporeans becoming more politically mature.

Self-styled political pundit, Eric de Yaya, said: “When Singapore had one-party rule, living standards were in the doldrums, people were dying young, dysentery all around.”

“With a frequent elections, party politicking, Singaporeans have become more well-rounded individuals with a sense of purpose.”

Other experts suggest this theory of conflict that contributes to longevity has its roots in biology.

Zho Nor Kun, a biologist, said: “If you look at the difference, you’d notice that women overall live longer than men.”

“That’s because women have a tendency to nitpick more than men, and this gives them greater fulfillment and something to look forward to instead of calling it a day.”