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Alcohol ban sees Clarke Quay’s Read Bridge attracting students looking for conducive quiet place to study

Alcohol ban sees Clarke Quay’s Read Bridge attracting students looking for conducive quiet place to study

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People who enjoy meditating also go there now.


Students from all walks of life, who like to go outside of their house to study because studying in the comforts of one’s own home is too mainstream, said they have found a new study haven in Clarke Quay.

This after Singapore’s alcohol ban came into force on April 1, 2015, where drinking in public is banned from 10.30pm to 7am, and suddenly, Clarke Quay has become very quiet.

One student Ai Tak Chek, said: “The authorities have done a great job opening up Clarke Quay to different users. It used to be all party and revelry, but now students and people who enjoy meditating come here as it is quiet and conducive for concentrating.”

“What’s more Read Bridge, which was filled with party-goers, has finally lived up to it’s name: It is now a library-like place, quiet and peaceful.”

Another student, said more can be done in Singapore to turn other party areas into centres for cerebral concentration: “I would really love to see Zouk being turned into a library. That would allow those who enjoy reading to have a place to read at night.”

“When that is done, maybe some time at the end of this year, St James Power Station can be turned into a library.”


No alcohol, no cry:

Alcohol failed to cause riot at Clark Quay the past year since Little India riot occurred





Primary 5 students studying for PSLE now

Primary 5 students studying for PSLE now

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Secondary 3 students studying for ‘O’ Levels now.

After PSLE results were released few days ago, Tampines Regional Library saw a surge in number of youths going there to study for next year’s finals starting this weekend.

With the release of PSLE results on Thursday, Singapore has been on an exam high the past few days.

Even with the avoidance of mentioning who scored the highest where, Singaporean parents and students alike are at fever pitch — they are hell bent on breaking all academic achievement records for next year’s finals.

At Tampines Regional Library on a Saturday morning, scores of excited 11-year-olds and 15-year-olds were seen queuing up to enter the premises.

They were there before the library’s 11 a.m. opening to choped good seats for the rest of the day.

“I am here to study for my PSLE exam next year,” said Tao Nao Pai, an 11-year-old boy, who could possibly be a girl, because he hasn’t reached puberty and his voice hasn’t broken yet.

Another 15-year-old boy, Zhen Yong Gong, said: “I will spend the next 50 weekends here to prepare for my ‘O’ Levels.”

He said he plans to emulate Workers’ Party’s Chen Show Mao, a high-flying scholar-corporate type, who will become future prime minister of Singapore.

Parents of students who were also seen camping out at the libraries island-wide have expressed support for their children’s ambitions.

One of the parents told New Nation: “I studied hard, found a high-paying job and now I can afford to raise two families. One here, one in Batam.”

Later, he drove off in his Mercedes Benz with another mistress in tow.

She could be from China.