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WTF social media Olympics highlights

WTF social media Olympics highlights

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All the Olympics highlights you missed in the mainstream news that trended on the Internet.

First up, everyone’s favourite loser: China’s hurdler, Liu Xiang.

He crashed out of the tournament (again) when it barely started but I guess he has one reason to be satisfied:

Hmmm… wrestling. I see what you did there, you two sweaty grown men.

Riiiiight… you three sweaty grown men.

Ok, enough of crotches. How about a foot in the arse?

Still on the topic about sensitive body parts, I’m sure all of you have come across this set of unintentional porn from the Olympics:

Here’s another:

Think we’re done with body parts? How’s this for an unfortunate last name?

Or how about this one? Oh I see what happened there:

But this surely is fitting:

And just in case you cannot tell these pair of long faces apart, a helpful hint:

But sometimes not very helpful:

And then there are the moments that inspire memes:

Oh you!

Yao Ming is that you?

Lastly, sorry for the long post. Here is javelin thrower Leryn Franco from Paraguay.