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Moderate Satanists offering financial assistance to Kong Hee and Friends

Moderate Satanists offering financial assistance to Kong Hee and Friends

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However, they are going to run the idea of raising funds past Commissioner of Charities first.

This family of three Satanists are so publicity-shy they requested that only their photos be taken from the back, at 100 metres distance. The husband is known to help out twice a week at Meet-The-People sessions, while the wife is in the banking industry and donates money regularly to NKF.

In an ecumenical move to spruce up inter-faith understanding and dialogue in Singapore, a group of moderate Singaporean Satanists are banding together to offer financial assistance to Pastor Kong Hee and Friends from City Harvest to subsidise the cost of their legal woes, as they’ve hired very expensive lawyers to defend them against charges of misusing church funds.

This unusual move comes after it was reported that the Commissioner of Charities has warned City Harvest Church that neither the church nor its Christian members should be raising funds or appealing for donations to pay for the hefty legal fees of Kong Hee and Friends.

S.A. Tan, the official spokesperson for Knights In Satan’s Service (KISS), one of Singapore’s official Satanist organisations, said: “We, as moderate Satanists, are not as evil as we are made out to be in Hollywood movies and the Bible.”

He explained: “This is just an opportunity to show that each and everyone of us who have religion — regardless if you are Satanist, Christian or Jedi — can always put our faith aside and work together to solve problems and help one another.”

However, not everyone is convinced.

Some have questioned if offering financial assistance to Kong Hee and Friends comes with terms attached and if it is the same as the story of Satan tempting Jesus in the desert?

Tan, objecting to this stereotype, said: “No, definitely not. Look, the government is always very big on inter-faith understanding, which is something Satanists here actively support and promote in our capacity as Singapore is a multi-religious society.”

He also said: “We are always very happy to work and associate with others. However, what we feel is that there is very little representation whenever there are round-table discussions and all the other faiths get to participate at our exclusion.”

He continued: “We just want to be of help to others too, because it’s I who build community.”

Many of the Satanists in Singapore are prominent, moderate individuals, who are also publicity-shy. They are outnumbered by other religions as their members number to about 100 only.

Roughly half of them are in banking while the rest are lawyers, doctors, white-collar professionals and engineers, including one prominent MediaCorp actress and the owner of a chain of bubble tea shops.

At least two of these Satanists are known to help out twice a week at Meet-The-People sessions and they have forked out their own money to give to the poor to tide them over periods of hardship.

Which is unlike Singapore Press Holdings, which only gives low-income families newspapers.

Tan explained: “Many of us are law-abiding, tax-paying, “Singaporean-First mentality” types. We work hard at our jobs, assimilate into everyday life, take out the thrash, eat at hawker centres and pay for exorbitant COEs too, you know.”

But before they raise funds, the moderate Satanists want to abide by the law and get necessary permission from the relevant authorities.

Tan said: “We will play by ear and do things by the book. We will let the Commissioner of Charities know of our intention and state publicly our stand and let the authorities and the court of public opinion decide.”