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S’poreans urge US to please keep Amos Yee

S’poreans urge US to please keep Amos Yee

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Have him, they insist.


Singaporeans from all walks of life, who know how to use reverse psychology, are dissuading the United States from keeping Amos Yee because he is such a model citizen.

This after the 18-year-old teenager went to Chicago and was detained on Dec. 16, 2016, as he sought political asylum, a move Singaporeans have labelled as “courageous” and “upworthy”.

Yee looks set to spend more time in detention as his case is being slowly processed, and is also at risk of being deported back to Singapore and banned from re-entering the US for good.

One Singaporean, Wa Mai La, said: “Amos Yee is the most upright citizen of Singapore. He will contribute greatly to the diverse fabric of US society by integrating with your people and upholding your values if he were made to stay.”

“He did much to improve Singapore’s standing when he was here, that’s why we can’t bear to have him leave us.”

Other locals said Amos Yee’s departure from Singapore is Singaporeans’ collective loss.

Another local, Gong Jiao Wei, said: “It pains us to know that we won’t be able to have him back, but his spirit will always be with us.”

“And that is enough to console us.”

“His absence will be felt deeply and we hope you will grieve with us as we have grieved.”

At press time, other Singaporeans wished the US well as this will be a new beginning for them as well.