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Lee Kuan Yew washes his own underwear…

Lee Kuan Yew washes his own underwear…

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… and other strange musings by his daughter, Lee Wei Ling.

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Lee Wei Ling regurgitated again in The Sunday Times on Aug. 5, 2012. Her thoughts this time are on frugality. And they are… erm… strange. Here is a list, in order of what she wrote and the emotions she elicits:

1. Lee Wei Ling started off by saying that she and her brothers are frugal because: “We had to turn off water taps completely.”

Really? I leave all my taps on when I go out of the house?

2. Lee Kuan Yew washes his own underwear whenever he goes overseas. Or his wife did it for him. To save money.

Lee Kuan Yew’s memoirs sure didn’t mention these vital facts…

3. In 2003, Lee Kuan Yew wanted his wife to mend the elastic band on his shorts even after his wife had suffered a stroke and had impaired vision.

That’s how the founder of modern Singapore saves 50 cents?

4. Lee Wei Ling intervenes and says that her secretary’s mother can sew very well and will ask her to mend the elastic band for Lee Kuan Yew.

^^How secretary feels when handed a pair of Lee Kuan Yew’s non-elastic shorts.

5. Lee Wei Ling says she has three Casio watches. And uses only one.

I guess I’m the only one then. Who wears three watches. At a time.

6. Lee Wei Ling only has two wrap-around skirts bought 20 years ago. Realising this, Ho Ching and some friends bought her 20 new skirts.

Oh! My! Girls shopping for girls!!!

7. Lee Wei Ling says she is training herself to be satisfied with necessities. By forgoing luxuries.

You can be frugal. But there is no reason not to groom yourself.

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