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No. 1 thing FAS needs to do: Rename Lions as Lee Kuan Yewnited

No. 1 thing FAS needs to do: Rename Lions as Lee Kuan Yewnited

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That’s the only way to find footballing success for tiny Singapore.


Singaporeans from all walks of life, who know what it means to remember someone by, are urging the Football Association of Singapore to do the right thing.

This after the FAS is set to hold its presidential election soon and changes are expected to be made from top to bottom.

One Singaporean, Lia Boh Kiu, said Singapore’s founding father Lee Kuan Yew must be honoured in sports: “To make Lee Kuan Yew always accessible and in the public’s consciousness, the national football team must be renamed Lee Kuan Yewnited from this year onwards.”

“The change in name is highly appropriate as it pays homage to the most impressive man in Singapore who has the abilities of 11 men combined.”

“The hope is for the Lee Kuan Yewnited players to draw strength from the new name as he is known as a fiercely competitive person.”

“Especially when we play against the Malaysians, because there was a time when people said we won’t make it, but we did.”

Singaporeans from all walks of life said they prefer Lee Kuan Yewnited as a team name because it rolls off the tongue more easily than Lions or Team Singapore.

Lai Chiu Kwa, a local song composer, said he has even managed to come up with a sports chant featuring the new football team name that will inspire: “This sports chant I came up with will enable all Singaporeans to unite and lift our spirits, keeping in mind our racial differences.”

“This is how it goes.”

“Lee Kuan Yew, lai tak kiu,
Tng lang, Indian, Melayu
We All Love Yew!
Even Yew-rasians!