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PM Lee replaced by automated bot as inefficient human successor phased out

PM Lee replaced by automated bot as inefficient human successor phased out

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Singapore phasing out redundant roles.


Singaporeans from all walks of life, who are aware of the increasing redundancy of their roles in a country where soon everything will be automated including citizens, are at peace with the leadership succession process.

This after it was revealed that the new fourth prime minister after Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong will be automated and taken over by a bot.

One Singaporean, Ke Ji, said: “This is a natural process of attrition, redundancy and replacement.”

“A lot of sectors in Singapore’s economy is already facing the prospect of automation and outsourcing of roles to bots that can do a better, more credible and efficient job than humans, who are error-prone and emotional.”

“If manufacturing and service sectors can be automated, so can our prime minister as he is also just another cog in this well-oiled Singapore Inc. machine.”


However, other locals are worried that an automated bot replacement prime minister will have drawbacks, such as being too efficient to the extent that citizens who are flesh and blood cannot keep up.

Another local, Hong Gan Leow, said: “If PM Lee Hsien Loong has been replaced by a bot, it would mean that there will be a gain in efficiency and a lowering of costs.”

“The net effect would be that Singaporeans by and large will notice any fractures towards a higher order of governance during this transition to automation of leadership, even though the chasm between a sentient PM Lee and non-sentient being can at times be too close to differentiate.”

“The next natural consequence would be to automate the entire Cabinet and make redundant the elite political class, followed by the elimination of fussy, ultra slow and deliberative parliamentarians who take too long to come to decisions in a fast-paced globalised world.”

“This will lead to a marked increase in objectivity.”

“Lastly, Singaporeans as a whole must be replaced by bots and Singapore can be a city entire comprised of bots from leaders to serfs.”

“Then Singapore can be called Singabot.”