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M’sia believes land reclamation is S’pore’s secret to economic success

M’sia believes land reclamation is S’pore’s secret to economic success

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This superstitious belief caused Malaysia to also reclaim land even when they are 500 times bigger than Singapore.


Nearly 50 years after breaking up with Singapore to get on with life their own way, Malaysia has resorted to emulating Singapore and making grand gestures to woo her smaller neighbour back.

This time, land-abundant Malaysia is reclaiming land right in front of Singapore at the Tuas Second Link and calling it Forest City, in a bid to emulate Singapore’s land reclamation projects over the years, believing that this is the secret to economic success.

One Malaysia spokesperson, Mah Lai Ren, said: “In 1965, when Malaysia broke up with Singapore and believed that we can make it and that we did, we didn’t know that the secret to prosperity as used by Singapore is by reclaiming land.”

“Now, however, we know lots of things have changed since we broke up, Singapore has gone on to become one of the most successful countries in Asia and we’ve…. well, we’ve still been Malaysia.”

“We should never have broken up with you, never made you cry, all we ask is for you to give us a second chance.”

As press time, it is believed the land reclamation project might have come about as a result of heeding the advice of the Kuala Lumpur Bomoh.


This is the Kuala Lumpur Bomoh in action:
KL bomohs bring rain to S’pore

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Kong Hee airfares cost $700,000 because he flew to Heaven regularly

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