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Channel News Asia is ‘cunning’, ‘exploitative': Alvin TJY

Channel News Asia is ‘cunning’, ‘exploitative': Alvin TJY

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What more was Malaysia’s first male porn star expecting from CNA? Lady Gaga treatment?

This post is stolen from Alvin Tan JY’s Facebook.

“I think that Channel News Asia is a cunning, exploitative company prone to making money from the ignorant and inexperienced like me and Vivian.

I was in talks with Channel News Asia to film an episode of Get Real, a documentary depicting real-life social events. Filming will take place over a span of several days, and we are expected to act as well as use our own personal contacts of people who propositioned us for sex to set up real-life meetings with said people. In addition, we are expected to personally take on tremendous legal risks in performing unauthorised filming; they were planning to wire our shirts up with microphones and hidden cameras to capture people who aren’t even aware that they’re being recorded.

In exchange, Channel News Asia was prepared to reimburse us for transportation and accommodation expenses. A negotiation for actual payment is met with an indifferent “we don’t pay for interviews”.

Very classy move.

First, full-day filming for several days is not an “interview” — it’s fucking work. Second, Channel News Asia is a for-profit organisation that will make a good chunk of money out of Get Real, and I don’t intend to go into lose-win arrangements. Third, I will not be an accessory to a gross and intentional violation of individual privacy for strong legal and moral reasons. Fourth, it is only fair, just, and reasonable to compensate me for my time; even nominal payment would suffice to convey their sincerity. Fifth, the contact information of swingers and singles seeking sex belong to us; we accumulated them through our own sheer effort and personal influence, and we will not use them for possibly-unlawful purposes. To round things off nicely, they even told me to offer them an exclusive interview with them (and reject the other journalists from The Straits Times, The New Paper, Lianhe Wanbao, etc.) right after my NUS Board of Disciplinary hearing… for no payment, of course.

Frankly, I’m tired of their shitty, insulting attitude. We have enough paid opportunities as it is: you know, people who are keen and genuine about moving forward with us with a win-win mentality. You want us to act in Get Real for free? GET REAL!”

Editor’s note: Sorry ah, we also quite exploitative. We steal your post and put on our website. Paiseh ah… Don’t du lan us.