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Palin will run for US presidency: Former Bush advisor

Palin will run for US presidency: Former Bush advisor

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Palin looking at an early-September entry into presidential race, says Karl Rove.

Former Alaska governor and Republican vice-presidential hopeful Sarah Palin looks set to run for the post of US president.

Former George Bush advisor Karl Rove said he believes Palin is looking at entering the presidential race late, which will be some time in early September.

Palin has released a new campaign style video, titled “Iowa Passion” produced at the Iowa State Fair, featuring her in a ponytail and sunglasses talking about fried butter and CNN journalist Wolf Blitzer among other things.

The video closes with the words “Thank you Iowa! See you again September 3rd!” and a grizzly bear roaring.

She is scheduled to be the keynote speaker at the Iowa event on Sept. 3 where a large crowd is expected to go see her.

Rove also said Palin will be able to draw the voting crowd, fund raising money and organisation committee for her campaign on the basis of who she is as she “doesn’t need to have the traditional trappings of a presidential campaign”.

Palin’s presence will steal some of the limelight from other established conservatives such as Texas Governor Rick Perry and Minnesota Congresswoman Michele Bachmann, both of whom are courting the same crowd.

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