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Today’s pop music is absolute rubbish

Today’s pop music is absolute rubbish

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Yes, we’re talking about the likes of Lady Gaga, Justin Bieber, and LMFAO.

By Azim Azman

Pop music used to mean something. Now, it's just drunken drivel.

LMFAO is not music.

There I said it. In fact, perhaps I can be so bold as to say that most of what counts for ‘music’ today is not in fact, music. They are just products, designed and manufactured at the lowest possible cost to satisfy the demands of nameless executives in shiny (albeit good-looking) suits.

These mass produced garbage are then marketed as the next “hottest thing” and then discerning listeners such as myself have to sit through it as these songs get played over and over again over the radio. Read the full story

And the top Singapore celebrity on Facebook is…

And the top Singapore celebrity on Facebook is…

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The answer is not something you would totally expect.

By Terence Lee

WOULD you believe me if I told you that Malay actor Aaron Aziz is the most popular Singapore celebrity on Facebook, and that the runner-up is not even close?

I couldn’t believe my eyes either, but numbers don’t lie.

According to Famecount — a UK-based website that tracks the social media popularity of celebrities, brands, and icons — Aaron Aziz is the undisputed winner in the online popularity contest, weighing in at a staggering 874,471 fans.

By comparison, cutesy Chinese pop duo By2 has 374,425 fans, while — I hate to say this — politician Nicole Seah, in third place, has “only” 105,159 fans.

What about founding father Lee Kuan Yew, the modern architect of Singapore, without which the country would be a slum? A paltry 91,064 fans.

Looks like Aaron Aziz is a god in some quarters, although certainly not in my universe. In fact, he hardly registered in my mind at all, save for his starring role in local police drama Heartlanders.

My best guess is that his smokin’ good looks and acting chops must have won over many fans across the Causeway in Malaysia.

The adoration has even landed him a starring role in a Malaysian action film (aptly called KL Gangster) that makes the Singapore film industry look absolutely lame by comparison (see trailer):

Come to think of it, the notion of entertainers trumping all other personalities in Internet popularity isn’t new at all.

Lady Gaga (40 million fans) and Justin Bieber (32 million fans), for instance, totally put US President Barack Obama (22 million fans) to shame. Even if you add his wife Michelle, who has 6 million fans, the power duo would still not be able to withstand the wave of Bieber Fever infecting teenage minds everywhere.

That’s what a billion-dollar marketing campaign and a cool hairdo can do for you these days.