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S’poreans glad M’sia society stabilising after GE

S’poreans glad M’sia society stabilising after GE

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No major upheavals a blessing, they say.


Singaporeans from different walks of life have expressed relief that the volatile general election in Malaysia on May 5 is finally over.

They say they are glad that there hasn’t been any major upheavals in the closely watched political battle between the incumbent Barisan Nasional and opposition factions.

One Singaporean man, Hua Tua Chia, said: “Heng petrol prices have remained stable.”

Others say volatility stemming from political instability has widespread ramifications for a country.

Niu Nai Fen, a Singaporean woman with two kids said: “Lucky milk powder and diapers prices in Johor Bahru still the same. This weekend can go again.”

However, some say they will remain cautious when they cross the Causeway.

Wuo Pa Hei, a Johor Bahru enthusiast, said: “I now scared I go restaurant then got blackout. After that realised the table got served extra plate of crab or fish even when I never order it and then must pay.”