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Perth says she will not take in Jesslyn Tan

Perth says she will not take in Jesslyn Tan

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No more from Singapore, they say.


Perth, the place of refuge in Australia for some dysfunctional people previously from Singapore, has written a notice saying she will not be accepting any more applicants from this country.

This after Indranee Rajah, a PAP MP for Tanjong Pagar GRC, opportunistically wrote on Facebook that we must support the man wearing a holey t-shirt who was made fun of by former Miss Singapore Universe finalist, Jesslyn Tan.

Jesslyn had taken a photo of the man and posted it on Facebook on March 18 with the caption: “Holey Moley. Sibei trendy worzxxz”.

She apologised the following day.

Indranee’s support for the man three days after the apology has been naturally construed as the go-ahead for another round of open-ended attack on Jesslyn by the people of the Internet.

Perth, concerned by the re-ignited flaming, has written a notice to say that her state’s borders are shut.

The notice read: “We have taken in enough of your kind of people from Singapore already. No more.”


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