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Jaywalking akin to terrorism if it endangers lives

Jaywalking akin to terrorism if it endangers lives

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The latest threat to Singapore society besides hacking is jaywalking.


Besides the recent hacking crisis that is threatening to kill all Singaporeans and destroy Singapore forevermore and bring it back to a fishing village stage, the other major threat facing us today is jaywalking.

This was revealed in a dialogue today called Jaywalking Actually Can Kill All Singaporeans Swiftly (JACKASS).

A JACKASS spokesperson, Kong Jiao Weh said in response to media queries as to how jaywalking is so serious: “Jaywalking is nothing short of terrorism as people can get hurt offline.”

He also elaborated on how jaywalking can be used as a form of terrorist negotiation, when push comes to shove.

Kong Jiao Weh explained: “Imagine the terrorist, who threatens to jaywalk if his demands are not met, is fat. He will cross the road slowly and haphazardly and this will cause cars on the road to swerve out of his way and crash and pile up and people will die.”

However, the government has reiterate its stand that it will do its best to guard against jaywalkers.

By reiterating that jaywalking will kill everyone because it is dangerous.