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Update: Epic fail Singaporean silat referee to face possible life ban

Update: Epic fail Singaporean silat referee to face possible life ban

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But he wants other silat officials at the match he refereed to shoulder part of the blame.

Jasni Salam, the Singaporean referee who awarded the Indonesian athlete the SEA Games silat gold for nom nom noming the Thai opponent, rolling on the floor and running behind his back. Photo borrowed from Yahoo! News.

Remember Jasni Salam?

The infamous Singaporean referee who gave away the silat SEA Games gold medal to host country Indonesia? (See original article below.)

Now, he is giving his side of the story: He is blaming the other officials present at the competition for inaction.

On Nov. 17, the 52-year-old awarded Indonesia the SEA Games silat gold medal under insanely controversial circumstances.

The Indonesian silat athlete, who was fighting for glory in front of home fans, displayed peculiar behaviour throughout the bout as he nom nom nomed his Thai opponent, ran away from him and then decided to play cat-and-mouse by hiding behind the referee to avoid some ass-kicking.

Not only did Jasni the Great and Just Referee not issue a warning to the Indonesian athlete for playing a fool, the Thai opponent suffered a demerit point instead.

And to prove that he is the king of understatement, this is what Jasni reportedly said recently when interviewed by The New Paper: “My conscience is clear… I made some poor refereeing decisions in the final, but there was no kelong (corruption)”.

Jasni, a veteran referee of 20 years, further defended his decision.

He said that despite the mistakes he made, points are awarded by the five jury members seated around the arena and the officials had the power to correct his decisions

In silat, the referee’s decision is not final.

Therefore, any official there with him were as much to blame.

However, in one instance that has since been pointed out, other referees present actually tried to inform Jasni for failing to penalise the Indonesian athlete.

Instead, Jasni, who was also the former Singapore national coach, did not heed the advice and failed to pick out other infringements in the next round.

Singapore’s current team manager and chief executive officer of the Singapore Silat Federation (Persisi) Sheik Alau’ddin Y Marican has said he is ashamed of being associated with Jasni as a fellow countryman.

Jasni has been called forward by the competition’s five-panel jury, as well as the chairperson and assistant chair in the wake of his controversial decision, but he did not comply.

The case has been handed over to the disciplinary committee of Persisi.

If found guilty, Jasni could face a life ban from refereeing silat competitions.

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Is this cocked-up or what?

During the third-round finals of the Class A 45-50kg silat SEA Games event between Indonesia and Thailand, check out what the Indonesian athlete did: He, with the blue waistband and legs in the air, ended up being chased by his Thai opponent and rolled out of the ring to avoid some ass-whooping.

And then the Indonesian athlete did a Mike Tyson: He resorted to biting his Thai opponent (the one looking at the camera and obviously grimacing in pain) on the shoulder.

Oh look! Who’s that in white looking on? Oh, that is Singaporean referee Jasni Salam. He is looking on, doing absolutely nothing to protect the Thai athlete from getting chewed.

To top off an already memorably silly match, the Indonesian decides to dodge and hide behind the Singaporean referee.

At this point, the Thais were ballistic that silat has been downgraded to a game of police-and-thief.

Holy macaroni! Yet, the Singaporean referee awards the SEA Games gold medal to the Indonesian! For running around, being chased, dodging and biting his opponent!

To make matters seem even more out of whack, Indonesia is the host nation for this SEA Games.


Watch the full 50-second clip here: